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Resident now brews at Local location

Downtown's new ten-barrel brewhouse is San Diego owned

San Diego's newest brewery has set up shop just a few blocks from its oldest. Resident Brewing Co. started brewing last month, 27 years after Karl Strauss brewpub opened its first location on Columbia Street ...

Is the Chargers' favorite city about to get dirtied up?

Political hitman, illegal city-council gift purveyor, flagging Chicago-owned U-T enliven stadium saga

A flagging Chicago-owned newspaper desperate for sports business, a wealthy NFL owner with an option to relocate the family football team to Los Angeles, a consultant steeped in the dark arts of the campaign hatchet ...

San Diego Symphony: Berlioz is the bait for Nielsen

The symphony brings us the esoteric pick of the week

It feels as though the San Diego Symphony just performed Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique, but it was back in 2012. It feels like yesterday, but they are performing it again this coming weekend, and I’m hoping ...

Math is done on Pier South hotel

City's return on investment is looking rosy

In January, 2013, the Pier South Resort hotel opened on the sand in Imperial Beach after more than a decade of delays. The project got a $7 million push from the city, enough to cover ...

El Niño goes artistic on Sunset Cliffs

Big swells sculpt new island from sandstone

The northern parking lot on the boulevard in Sunset Cliffs Natural Park has a beautiful new sea stack. The sandstone pillar was formed overnight on February 24th. The night's high tide was 4.42 feet at ...

Gap-Toothed Bandit tries to take bite out of justice

Jailed robber requests info on GPS device placed on car by cops

From inside his San Quentin cell, the Gap-Toothed Bandit is trying to get his hands on travel logs that the San Diego Police Department used to tie him to a string of bank robberies he ...

What is “New American” anymore?

The same tavern-chic at Masters Kitchen and Cocktail

The designers of Masters Kitchen and Cocktail embraced the building’s auto parts warehouse history. Perhaps too much. Cold drafts bother when the weather turns cool, the whole place seems designed to an inhuman scale, and ...

More stench from California's utilities commission

If state regulator worked with Wall Street, they worked against the public

San Diego attorneys Mike Aguirre and Maria Severson have put together a slide show that reveals how the California Public Utilities Commission courted Wall Street during the 12-year reign of commission president Michael Peevey, a ...

San Clemente buzzkillers

Smorgasbord of party drugs intercepted at checkpoint

Border Patrol agents are trumpeting the seizure of what they're referring to as "a smorgasbord of drugs" at the San Clemente checkpoint along Interstate 5 on Monday, February 22. The first checkpoint catch occurred shortly ...

Feisty pistol with range

Emilie: La Marquise du Chatelet Defends Her Life Tonight at New Village Arts

History remembers Gabrielle-Emilie du Chatelet (1706–1749) more for her amatory escapades than her magisterial intellect. Like the time she broke up with her lover, the Count de Guebraint. She ordered him to fetch a bowl ...

Gas pump gives bad vibe

Suspected credit-card skimmers working Ocean Beach

There have been recent reports of possible credit-card data skimming occurring at the gas stations in Ocean Beach. According to numerous folks in O.B., after purchasing gas by “swiping at the pump,” they soon noticed ...

Alleged thieves nabbed with bait bike

“We prefer not to use that term," says Coronado police spokesperson

On Monday, February 22nd, Coronado police officers nabbed two people who allegedly attempted to steal the department’s bicycle, according to officer Lea Corbin. "It's a bicycle with a tracking device in it," said Corbin. "When ...

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