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To Baja and back again

Will south of the border remain the same in a post-Trump world?

After what appeared to be a never-ending campaign of presidential media blitzes, president-elect Donald Trump won the race. Lost the popular — but who’s counting? And now, a storm is coming, but the conditions are ...

Worries over monster eucalyptus in Loma Portal

Root removal from old trees a good idea?

Shelly Schwartlander has been living at the Point Loma Tennis Club since 1991. The complex, built in 1968, sits on 13 acres and has approximately 260 trees of many different species. But it’s the eucalyptus ...

Modern Times travels to Encinitas

Look for new brew room and nitrogenated canned suds in 2017

The northward expansion of Modern Times Beer continues, but this time it's staying within San Diego County. Following announcements earlier this year that the Point Loma beer and coffee producer will be launching satellite properties ...

Waltz in the New Year

The annual Vienna Philharmonic concert is on the way

The Viennese Waltz has become the official anthem of New Year’s, at least in classical circles. On each New Year’s day the Vienna Philharmonic gives a concert of music predominantly by the Strauss dynasty. Since ...

Ten minutes with Debbie Reynolds

She did it Debbie’s Way

“Hi, this is Debbie. If you are over 30 and have been inactive or have any ankle, knee, or back problems, you should have a medical checkup before starting any exercise program.” The preceding disclaimer ...

Battery-powered in Escondido

New hardware touted as clean energy alternative

The nation's largest battery storage for energy is being constructed in Escondido — part of the shift away from fuel-burning power plants to cleaner energy, which can't be switched on when needed. San Diego Gas ...

Scorsese turns his back on contemporary cinema

But the 15% justify the trek through the sludge

Martin Scorsese claims to have stopped watching most contemporary films. “Cinema is gone,” he told the Associated Press. At a New York press conference Scorsese admitted, “I don’t see that many new ones over the ...

Wheelchairs can't roll over pipes

Lawsuit settled over a year after city sued subcontractor

The City of San Diego has tentatively settled a lawsuit brought by a woman who says the city failed to meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements while crews were repairing sections El Cajon Boulevard. As ...