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Russian horror story

Halloween is coming and the goats are getting anxious

We’re going to revisit the Halloween classic: Modest Mussorgsky’s Night on the Bald Mountain. For years, Mussorgsky had been considering several large scale projects based on spooky Russian folklore. He looked at creating an opera ...

MillerCoors, Blue Moon, what's the difference?

Could be that question is years away from being answered in court

A local beer drinker's case against domestic brewing giant MillerCoors for mislabeling its Blue Moon offerings as "craft beer" has, as MillerCoors lawyers predicted shortly after its May filing, apparently fizzled out. Evan Parent, who ...

Trial of tourism marketing district to proceed

Failure at last-minute attempt to subpoena Cory Briggs

A lawsuit challenging San Diego's Tourism Marketing District and the levy hoteliers charge tourists to pay to promote San Diego will move forward on November 6 in San Diego Superior Court. Today (October 27), Superior ...

From thrift to spiff in Hillcrest

Apartments to take place of Thrift Trader building

The building in Hillcrest that previously housed Legends Furniture store, then a Revivals thrift shop, and currently a Thrift Trader, will be razed. No demolition date has been set. Property owner FoundationForForm, a San Diego ...

Chainsaw-carrying maniac par for the course

Lawsuit for injuries incurred on Haunted Trail thrown out

If you pay money to go through a haunting experience and are warned it may scare you, you can't sue when it does. On October 23, the Court of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District, upheld a ...

Close down Crawford High immediately

Also, San Diego Business Leadership High is among worst in state

Two San Diego high schools are doing such a poor job at educating students and preparing them for college-level courses, it would be better if they shut their doors, says a new study released by ...

Tijuana sex-promotion project goes limp

City officials back off from notion after public criticism

Anaheim has Disneyland. Las Vegas has casinos. And Tijuana has, well, prostitutes. Red-faced city officials are back-pedaling ferociously after a high-ranking functionary suggested in a recent television interview that Tijuana should promote sex-for-sale as a ...

Octopus is the star fish

Los Pinos Seafood shines in a strip mall

I try to differentiate between places that are worth driving to and places that are good if I’m in the neighborhood. Taco shops are part of what makes San Diego great, but most of them ...

A record of misdeeds that cannot be erased

Troy Flowers got five years of probation for securities wrongdoing

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, known widely as FINRA, is a private regulatory body that polices and keeps records on those in the financial industry — stockbrokers, brokerage houses and their executives, and the like. ...

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