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The fist of God

Only the locals do work on the Berlioz Requiem at La Jolla Symphony

We could say, for comparison's sake, that Mozart's Dies Irae is something like an 18th Century cavalry charge and Verdi's Dies Irae is like a choreographed shock and awe campaign. Berlioz's Dies Irae? Berlioz is ...

Humor in the tolerance of grief

Dark material and problematic tempo don't derail comedy in Chapter Two at North Coast Repertory Theatre

(When I began this job in 1980, pickings were slim, and I dreamed of a thriving, nationally-acclaimed theater community. Now we have one, and there’s much more theater than one critic can cover. So I ...

Poor, by the sea

Imperial Beach mayor says coastal commission ought to help his town

Imperial Beach mayor Serge Dedina thinks that the city should be able to get California Coastal Commission subsidies for lodgings — and not just the inexpensive ones that the commission's funds are set up to ...

Monsanto: Pay for damaging San Diego

City and port district sue chemical king for contributing to bay pollution

The City of San Diego and San Diego Unified Port District want chemical agricultural giant Monsanto to pay for its role in polluting San Diego's bay and tidelands with polychlorinated biphenyls, commonly known as PCBs. ...

Harsh and tender

Passion & Honey's choreo-poems share deep feeling at Ira Aldridge Repertory Players

Artistic director Calvin Manson opens the Ira Aldridge Repertory Players 31st season with its 199th production, a choreo-poem, based on his poetry, that begins in innocence and concludes in tragedy — and hope. Ntozsake Shange ...

Susan Davis does Japan

House junket queen and husband rack up more frequent flier miles

San Diego Democratic congresswoman Susan Davis, long the county's most junketeering House member, was on the road again in February. Three years ago, Davis placed 17th on a list of Congress's biggest spending free travelers, ...

Anything but ramen

Pick hits at Izakaya Masa in Mission Hills

Aside from the brilliant and fleeting cherry blossom season, the one thing that makes a Japanophile’s heart warble is an awesome izakaya (the Japanese gastropub). Izakaya Masa in Mission Hills is our favorite izakaya in ...

Pacific View saved

$10 million for 2.8 acres of Encinitas bluff top? Not bad

On March 12, the City of Encinitas offered the public their first walk-through of the former Pacific View Elementary School site. The public got see what their $10 million purchased. Closed since 2003, the 2.8-acre ...

Beers running hot and cold

Taking a look at the current beer scene’s most and least popular styles

Because nearly every beer style imaginable is produced in San Diego County, it would seem to the casual onlooker that the interest level in all ales and lagers is the same, but keeping a close ...

People must hate the Swiss

Joachim Raff, esotericist

Joachim Raff was one of the most popular and influential composers of the Romantic era. Sadly, he is also the esoteric pick of the week. Raff "balled out" during the 19th Century with eleven symphonies, ...

Boat loads

March 15 dock totals The Chubasco II 1/2 day am run with 27 anglers aboard returned to the dock with 2 sculpin, 175 rockfish and 33 bocaccio 28 anglers aboard the Pacific Queen 1.5 day ...

Last gasp for Ché Café

Could disconnect between UCSD and student collective lead to forced eviction?

Insiders say they expect Ché Café’s eviction notice will be posted as soon as St. Patrick's Day. Once it’s up, the Ché Collective and its supporters will have five business days to get out. If ...

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