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Four-alarm blazer

Lamb’s Players continues the streak with West Side Story

Musicals have iconic images: a Huey helicopter? Miss Saigon; white semi-mask? Phantom; Julie Andrews’ 360 on a green hill, dressed like a risqué Puritan? Sound of Music, the movie. How about a chain-link fence and ...

Beer snobs are kind of ridiculous

Reckless brewer and his Honey Badger Don't Care

Last October, Ballast Point opened a massive brewery, packaging, and distribution center on Miramar's Carroll Way, with a 600-seat restaurant, 100 employees, and reported tax subsidy from the City of San Diego. At the end ...

Boltman tackles Fabiani and Spanos

Chargers mascot urges city attorney and mayor to take legal action

Mayor Kevin Faulconer is going forward with plans to release an expedited environmental review of a new stadium for the San Diego Chargers, the first step before sending the item to a public vote in ...

Racy conclusion

Beethoven contemplates but Mozart drives fast

As of June 20, the Mainly Mozart Festival is done for 2015. The final concert was a study in contrasting styles of music. Or perhaps I should say contrasting moods instead of style. The entire ...

The fresh, the fried, and the funky at La Palapa Nayarit

A treatise on 99-cent fish tacos and mariscos cocktails

With the first hills of Baja California rising on the horizon, South Bay is home to a number of mariscos joints that follow in the seaside tradition of Baja and beyond. La Palapa Nayarit is ...

Counterfeit 5-Hour Energy for sale

Five county residents arrested for selling fake goods

Five San Diego County residents were among eleven people charged this week with illegally packaging, counterfeiting, and distributing 5-Hour Energy drinks in the United States. Joseph and Adriana Shayota and Kevin and Fadi Attiq of ...