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Vaya con Dios, Miguelito

"Quiero jugar fútbol” were among little boy's last words

For 16 days, seven-year-old Miguel Beltrán battled for his life from a bed in Tijuana General Hospital, the victim of a crime so horrendous that it shocked even the most battle-hardened residents of this violence-prone ...

Friday night lights (out!)

San Diego Unified to build stadiums for revenue source, say residents

San Diego Unified School District is changing their game plan when it comes to renting newly built high-school sports fields out to third-party groups. By doing so, the district hopes to avoid another costly legal ...

Unions declare San Diego wage war

"Critical battles" planned here amid shipyard outsourcing to Mexico

San Diego and its national reputation for whale shows, golden sunsets, and big-money insider politics now has another distinction. At least that appears to be the message of labor-union bigwigs who staged what they called ...

The Koala and Charlie Hebdo

Former UCSD editor talks about "Jizzlam" issue that followed 9/11 attacks

The closest thing San Diego has had to French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo would have to be the Koala, UCSD’s sometimes profane student-run humor paper. Twelve people, including key Charlie Hebdo staffers, were murdered this ...

Some of that Mexican drug-dealer money

While impersonating a federal officer, Don Rodmel allegedly seized cash

For five years, a San Diego–area confidential informant worked for Don Rodmel, a San Diego–based federal agent conducting money-laundering investigations. As part of the job, Rodmel confiscated hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash that ...

Shawarma goes fast at Poway's North Park Produce

It's all about the bread in this Persian bakery, grocer, and kitchen

Anybody who's been to North Park Produce knows it's a reliable source for Mediterranean foods, whether you're jonesing for good baba ghanoush or want to stock up on fresh pitas (usually both, in my case). ...

White Labs expanding to Asheville

Country’s largest yeast producer adding East Coast facility

San Diego is considered the epicenter for American craft beer, so it makes sense the city is also home to the country’s leading yeast production company. White Labs has experienced phenomenal growth in tandem with ...

Nocturnal meditations in the key of jazz

Eighteen-member Night People ensemble interprets tunes of Joe Garrison

San Diego composer Joe Garrison has reemerged into the local jazz scene in the past few years, and his concert at the Loft in La Jolla made waves with the full-house assembled to witness the ...

"Pull over" interpreted as "speed up"

Escondido police collar alleged repeat offender

“I’ve arrested him in past,” Escondido police officer John Grohn said in court on January 8. “As soon as I saw him, I knew who it was.” Officer Grohn testified at a hearing for Juan ...

New social media app blows up among teens

Authorities investigating the Instagram threat that led to last Monday's lockdown and early dismissal at Carlsbad High School say they are not yet ready to name a suspect. But they do believe they have figured ...

You need wheels, right?

Fake checks used to purchase seven cars from local dealers

A 23-year-old El Cajon woman who managed to fraudulently purchase nearly $200,000 worth of vehicles has been arrested and faces multiple charges related to the spending spree. According to a report from Lt. Frank La ...

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