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A woman who was arrested at her Encinitas home 11 days ago made it to court on January 2, but she did not enter a plea to charges of resisting arrest and being under the influence. Instead, Anastasia Helene Kirkeby, 49, delayed her arraignment for one month, through her private attorney.

Kirkeby had bailed out the same day she was arrested, on December 23, after she paid Aladdin Bail Bonds $1500 to post her $15,000 bond. She then failed to appear for her first court date earlier this week (December 30) and a $50,000 bench warrant was issued at that time. She was not taken back into custody on January 2 but remains free on bond, by request of her attorney James Dicks.

The officer who requested a warrant to search Kirkeby’s home, deputy Nicholas Backouris, stated that the house at 1507 Rancho Encinitas Drive “has become so involved in illegal activities that in the last few years, it has been a target of investigations” by the Narcotics Task Force, the North County Gang Task Force, and other specialized units.

Deputy Backouris specifically named Anastasia Helene Kirkeby and Jeremy Lang Henry, 38, in his request to search the home; he stated the two lived there and became “involved with various controlled substances and illegal activities.”

“Anastasia has multiple narcotics-related arrests” and “Jeremy Henry is a convicted felon with multiple felony convictions from fraud, narcotics and vehicle theft” according to the deputy. Kirkeby has a husband named Glenn Kirkeby who lives four miles away, according to Deputy Backouris.

Neighbors who lived near the home on Rancho Encinitas Drive made “multiple complaints” to law enforcement in the past; they reported people acting under the influence of drugs and excessive traffic in the area, the deputy stated. “An uncounted number of transient-type narcotics users” stay periodically at the home, according to the deputy.

Deputy Backouris characterized the place as a “flop house” and “open sanctuary for criminals in North County San Diego”; he claimed there was “a steady influx of drug addicts and gang members to the safe haven of the large home.”

At least 15 probationers, parolees, and gang members were documented coming and going from the home in year 2014. Backouris named certain persons whom he said were members of the Vista Home Boys, Varrio San Marcos Skinheads, and Bloods.

The man named in the warrant, Jeremy Henry, told law enforcement that he has lived at the home for two years. Backouris claimed that he noticed “multiple injection sites on the inside of his arm in multiple stages of healing” when the two men had a confrontation last month. At that time, on December 12, Henry was found to have meth and in his possession, according to the deputy.

Another person who was arrested at the home on the same day was Jessica Marie Wilkinson, 31. She is accused of heroin possession, being under the influence, and resisting arrest — all misdemeanors. Records show Wilkinson has criminal cases for theft and drugs in San Diego County, dating from 2004, 2009, and 2013.

Another person arrested at the same home the same day was Jeremy John Dinwiddie, 35; his criminal cases in San Diego County include drugs, felony assault, and a stolen vehicle. He is accused of being under the influence and resisting arrest, both misdemeanors.

Paul Provence, 77, is a co-defendant in the same case; he is accused of being under the influence and resisting arrest.

Two other females, Arianna Kirkeby, 20, and Francesca Kirkeby, 18, are believed to be the daughters of Anastasia Kirkeby who also reside at the home, but apparently they were not arrested last month.

Arianna was arrested on June 23, 2014, at the Mexican border “for unlawful transportation of heroin” and is currently on federal probation for that offense; Francesca was arrested for a drug offense on September 23, 2014, according to the deputy’s statement.

Besides the arrests, deputies seized items during the search of the home, including heroin, a spoon, tin foil, hypodermic needle, Levofloxan pills, five phones, a computer, notebooks, and a digital scale.

Anastasia Helene Kirkeby is next due in San Diego’s North County Superior Court on February 4.

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Ken Harrison Jan. 4, 2015 @ 6:15 a.m.

Did they pick up any cash? Usually they find tons of bills. One wonders how they bail themselves out when their cash is seized?


Visduh Jan. 4, 2015 @ 8:41 p.m.

The neighborhood is not the usual sort of place for that sort of activity. And usually if it starts up, the cops shut it down very quickly. In this case, this has been going on for many months, or years, if the cop's words are to be taken as truth. Why has this been festering "for many years?" Bob Hudson has it nailed in that the druggies have been better organized than the local law enforcement. That Encinitas Sheriff's Station is geared up to deal with traffic, skateboarders, noise complaints and shoplifting. Hard core drug sales? No way Jose! This is calm suburbia, except when it isn't.

I still find the notion that members of Vista Home Boys, Varrio San Marcos Skinheads, and Bloods are traveling to and hanging out in a tony part of Encinitas hard to accept. But time and court proceedings will tell the story.


Eva Knott Feb. 11, 2015 @ 2:09 p.m.

Here are updates on some of the persons who were arrested at the home in Encinitas: Jeremy John Dinwiddie, 35, was a failure to appear at his arraignment on February 3, and a $15,000 bench warrant was issued. Jeremy Lane Henry, 38, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor resisting arrest, at his court appearance in January. Anastasia Kirkeby, 49, pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor arrest and under influence of meth, both misdemeanors, and she is next due in court March 10. Paul Provence, 77, pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor arrest and under influence of meth, both misdemeanors, and is next due in court on February 24 2015. Jessica Wilkerson, 33, pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor resisting arrest and under influence of meth and possession of heroin, and is next due in court on March 2.


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