Happy angler with a nice Colonet yellowtail
  • Happy angler with a nice Colonet yellowtail
  • Credit: Point loma Sportfishing
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I'm 50-some-odd years old with over 40 years of fishing memories. I do not remember yellowtail and bluefin tuna right through the winter and still biting in February. I don't remember any water from 63 to near 70 offshore this time of year. Maybe I'm getting old and forgetful. Am I really only 50-something? Seems longer, but not as long as the boat ride for the 75 anglers that got shut out on the New Seaforth 1/2 Day AM run looking for the yellows off La Jolla. That's the first time I remember a half day getting shut out. But it happens when your target takes you away from the kelp edge you usually live on. Not that they didn't try, it's their job to find the fish, but this just wasn't their day. Their 1/2 Day PM carrying 58 Anglers managed only two sculpin.

On the other hand, the Tribute 1.5 Day run with 33 Anglers aboard did very well, boating 165 rockfish and 165 yellowtail down at Colonet.

Out at Cortez Bank, 25 anglers aboard Top Gun 80 1.5 day caught 17 bluefin tuna, 12 bonito, and 4 yellowtail. The Pacific Queen 1.5 Day carrying 15 anglers returned to the dock with 46 bluefin tuna, 22 bonito and 1 yellowtail in the hold and 28 anglers aboard the Eclipse 1.5 Day caught 13 bluefin tuna and 12 bonito.

Back at the kelp edge where 1/2 day boats belong, the Daily Double 1/2 Day AM with 25 anglers aboard reported 3 sculpin, 117 rubberlip seaperch and 1 calico bass in the gunnysacks. The Premier 1/2 Day AM carrying 63 anglers boated 47 halfmoon and 11 sculpin. Their 1/2 Day PM run with 38 anglers aboard returned with 41 halfmoon, 8 sculpin and 9 barred sandbass in the sacks. 25 anglers aboard the Daily Double 1/2 Day PM boated 5 rubberlip seaperch and 2 sculpin, while the Fisherman III 1/2 Day PM with 11 Anglers aboard reported 4 sculpin, 2 sand bass and 18 halfmoon caught.

After trying a few 1/2 day runs up to La Jolla with limited success, the Point Loma 3/4 Day whacked 'em at the Coronado Islands as their 30 Anglers boated 99 yellowtail The malihini 3/4 Day with 46 Anglers aboard their usual Coronado run reported 1 halibut, 5 rockfish and 52 yellowtail caught.

Still bug-hunting, the Jig Strike 1/2 Day twilight with 10 hopeful hoop-netters raised 2 spider crab, 5 red rock crab and 4 spiny lobster with 119 spiny lobster released.

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