Map of park (green), adjacent to Point Loma Nazarene University
  • Map of park (green), adjacent to Point Loma Nazarene University
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On November 19th, Second District councilwoman Lorie Zapf presented a city-council proclamation celebrating the 100th anniversary of Sunset Cliffs. On this anniversary, many San Diegans and visitors are not able to access Sunset Cliffs Natural Park.

There are two city parking lots for those who wish to visit the south end of the park, one near the water on Ladera Street and one up top on Lomaland Drive adjacent to Point Loma Nazarene University. For years, Point Loma Nazarene has taken over the upper city parking lot for student and employee parking to the extent that often there is no parking for those who wish to use the park. This south “Hillside” portion makes up 75 percent of the park.

The park’s master plan regarding the upper lot states: “Retain spaces for Park viewing and access, trail access, and interpretive and other Park use.”

After contacting Zapf’s office in September, I was referred first to [Zapf representative Conrad Wear], who on September 9th wrote the following: “I am still looking into this issue and all possible solutions.”

I did not hear from Wear again. I was passed over to another staffer, James McGuirk, who on October 9th wrote the following: “Just yesterday, I sent follow up emails to several city staff members and am eagerly looking forward to hearing back.”

After another inquiry, on October 26, he sent me this: “At the moment we are researching possibilities for the parking lot and look forward to speaking with each other more in the near future. I have also reached out to City Staff and am still waiting to hear back. I appreciate your patience and cooperation and will be in contact soon.”

Although I have made more inquiries, there has been no response to date from anyone.

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