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Bomb threat aboard Navy ship

Still being investigated two weeks later

11/25 — Harbor Police responded to disturbance call in a north SD Bay anchorage. The disturbance was caused by a domestic violence incident. — Harbor Police responded to a sailboat near Shelter Island that was ...

KPBS and U-T plug Jacobs airport-moving scheme

Media money talking as billionaire and Burnham team for PR push

With the fate of the Union-Tribune still very much in limbo, Malin Burnham, who once aspired to take over the newspaper, and Irwin Jacobs, his longtime political comrade in-arms, have hatched yet another scheme. The ...

Wagon Man hit the final trail

Imperial Beach veteran, craftsman, advertiser died in November

Imperial Beach lost one of its celebrated locals last month — Kermit Brown, known as the "Wagon Man" for the advertising-covered Conestoga wagons he used to pull around the beach town with his motorized wheelchair. ...

Jimmy Hat? No, Jiminy Hat!

Rise in STDs traced to hopeful cricket

Earlier this month, San Diego County Department of Health and Human Services reported that, for the third straight year, sexually transmitted disease rates had seen double-digit increases. "Gonorrhea is up 16%,” says Department spokesperson Peter ...

San Diego deputies "obviously intoxicated"

Undercover operation stings 4 out of 8 liquor stores visited

Undercover sheriff deputies in Vista found plenty of liquor-store clerks willing to sell booze to "obviously intoxicated" patrons, according to the results of a sting on Saturday afternoon (December 5). "An undercover deputy entered a ...

Gobble, the app for lazy home chefs

Someone in Palo Alto is chopping a lot of vegetables

The Internet wants to feed you. A bunch of tech companies are advertising convenience in an effort to make their way into the food chain, most of them by marketing restaurant-delivery services to lazy home ...

Mention of "shooting up the office" at SDSU?

Student's threat at university not considered criminal

In September at San Diego State University, campus police responded to a report of an alleged threat of physical violence made by students toward a university employee. Captain Joshua Mays of the (SDSU) department of ...

It's all about the femme

Overcoming, brooding, and human sacrifice at San Diego Symphony

A gentle snow falls at dusk in a pristine Finnish forest. The long arctic night is descending near the winter solstice and a solitary figure wanders the wood, lost in the trees. And so the ...

Free English for Californians

Lawsuit prompts San Dieguito school district to correct policy

San Dieguito Union High School District will no longer charge registration fees to adults looking to learn English as a second language, says associate superintendent Eric Dill. The district's decision to stop charging the $40 ...

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