Marriott or Beck...or Frampton?
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I think you should reconsider your commentary on 1960s English mods. I lived through that scene when my parents moved to London for my father’s job. Granted, I was a fairly young teenager at the time, but I remember watching fashionable young men and women walk down the streets and being amazed at how chic London seemed compared to the midwestern United States we had left behind! But, at least in my memory, the sharp-dressed young folks were a lot more glamorous than they were alternative. This was high-fashion stuff we’re talking about...more Vogue than Vice, if you catch my drift. I would say that you’d find a more similar crowd on Rodeo Drive than in North Park, at least as far as stylish people are concerned. Now, I admit to being a grouchy old fart playing the devil’s advocate, but those of us who were around in the ’60s and ’70s sometimes remember it a bit differently than do those of you who weren’t. Since this is “ask” a hipster, after all, my question for you is, would you rather have Steve Marriott’s singing voice or Jeff Beck’s whammy-bar ability?

— Cliff

So, what you’re basically saying, is that the average 1960s English mod would have more in common, ideologically speaking, with Paris Hilton than with my barber-mixologist?

Fair enough. I thought I’d sufficiently hem’d and haw’d out of committing myself to a serious answer to the original question, which I’m pretty sure was meant as a joke, but I’ll accept your devil’s advocacy in the name of spirited debate.

As for your question, I’d take Marriott’s voice, though I’m not worthy of either one, so I’ll have to settle for Peter Frampton’s hair.

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