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Lost to history but preserved in legend

Beethoven's Coriolan is the esoteric pick of the week

Beethoven’s Coriolan Overture is not an esoteric piece of music. The overture is quite popular, in and of itself. The overture is not a freestanding piece, though. It was written as incidental music for a ...

Blunderbuss (hopefully) heard 'round the county

Barrel Harbor tap handle bludgeons beer writer with charm

Keeping track of all the breweries in San Diego County is tough, whether you're a beer reporter or attentive enthusiast. When I think about it the other way around, I marvel at how many have ...

Stephen P./Steven J. Corso's name game interrupted

Securities and Exchange Commission I.D.s banned accountant

"Steven John Corso and Stephen P. Corso are the Same Person." Thus states a headline in a memorandum of law sent out by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) yesterday (August 17). In 2009, Stephen ...

Without Papa Doug, need Peters fear GOP?

National Republican Congressional Committee prepares to hit La Jolla Democrat with TV ads

Back in February, the national Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee issued a 14-member "Frontline" list of its most threatened House incumbents. La Jolla congressman Scott Peters was featured prominently. "Each one of these members knows what ...

Petco goes public for third time

"Our substantial indebtedness could adversely affect our cash flow"

This old dog is not learning new tricks. Petco, the San Diego–based pet supplies retailer, yesterday (August 17) announced plans to go public for the third time, but the company itself will get no proceeds ...

Clairemont and Eastlake softball teams burgled

Equipment theft occurred during short hiatus, suggestive of inside job

On Friday, August 14, a softball-team manager discovered that the storage shed for the Clairemont Girl's Fastpitch Softball League had been broken into. League president Marie Wiggins said on August 17 that the theft happened ...

It won’t solve America’s tobacco epidemic

UCSD study suggests Chantix smoking-cessation pill ineffective

A heavily advertised smoking-cessation drug that's been on the market since 2006 has no discernible effect on decreasing cigarette use among adults, researchers at the UC San Diego School of Medicine are reporting. The main ...

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