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Blubbo's World

Reader writers and other friends remember Steve Esmedina.

"Blubbo, oh Blubbo, where do I begin? You’re dead, gone, laid out rotting in a casket somewhere in the ground; and if that’s just your body, your corpse, your shell, God, I hope so, because, surely, your mind, your spirit — glorious, wonderful, twisted, sad...the essence of Esmo, a nickname they say you hated, but you never told me — is still out there somewhere."

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A collection of reflections from Reader writers about their fathers to commemorate Father's Day.

"My father was older than other kids’ fathers. The disappearing and already disappeared hair on the top of his head offered testimony to that. The mustache that linked him to an earlier generation of Hollywood role models offered corroboration. And then there were the antiquated words and phrases that peppered his and no one else’s speech. 'Meathead' as a term of endearment or rebuke depending on tone. 'George!' as an exclamation of delight. 'Nuts!' as a cuss."

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What was important to me was that I wear my gold velour shirt with the sparkly threads interspersed throughout.

When the Loud Bell Rang

Beginnings are always difficult.

"Three things terrified me about my arrival at Brown University. First, that my acceptance had been a mixup. Second, that I wouldn't know how to behave at the cocktail party/dinner that was scheduled for day one. And finally, that I didn't know how girls dressed in grad school."

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The woman we never forget.

"Mom rarely spoke about her past. When she did it had the blur of myth, not biographical fact. In 1938, did she bleach her hair blonde and go to Hollywood to become the next Jean Harlow? Did she stand in audition lines and hang out at Schwabb's? Whenever I asked her, Mom laughed and changed the subject. Did she go? Don't know. But she could have."

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She Hated Adverbs

Judith Moore remembered.

"In the beginning we mostly talked books. But each of us scribbled as well. I was working on fiction and sending travel articles to the Yakima Herald Republic. Judith began doing book reviews several times weekly for the Ellensburg paper. Her work on those reviews led to the Reading column she kept up in this paper for over a decade."

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Ryan Tyrol, Dad's patron who testified about Brenda van Dam

Friday Night at Dad’s

In the wake of the Van Dam abduction.

"When you look around Dad’s Café and Steakhouse at 8:30 on a summer Friday evening, you can hardly believe this is the place where Brenda van Dam allegedly asked Cherokee Youngs, “Do you like girls?”"

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