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No rain, but…flash flood at Sunset Cliffs?

Mystery water flow could be creating health hazard

Mid-afternoon on March 31, water flowed over the edge of Sunset Cliffs onto an area beach for at least two hours. There has been no rain in the area since March 1, according to the ...

Centennial suds

A second collaboration beer to celebrate 100 years of Balboa Park

In January, I reported on a beer commemorating the 100th anniversary of Balboa Park named Centennial IPA. Karl Strauss Brewing Company brewmaster Paul Segura and Automatic Brewing Co. owner and head brewer Lee Chase collaborated ...

Aw, man, you got ginkgo biloba'ed?

Putative class action filed against Costco says smart pills didn't work

For at least a century, people have been told that smart pills really don't make you smarter. Now the thesis is being tested in federal court in San Diego. A case originally filed in San ...

One nation, under California

San Diegan seeks signatures with aim toward state's partial secession

The exceptionally low turnout in the 2014 election cycle is shaping up to have an interesting effect on the 2016 election year. The number of signatures required to place a citizen-backed initiative on the next ...

Reduce water…and continue building? Huh?

Global warming could make drought last decades

Yesterday (April 1), Governor Jerry Brown imposed statewide mandatory water restrictions for the first time in history. He wants California's water use slashed by 25 percent. He read off some horrifying statistics: the state's snowpack ...

Compost County

Another way to avert new law's restrictions: eat your veggies, clean your plate

It’s not easy to be a composter in San Diego. There are state, county, and in some cases, even city rules about odors, size and more. Now, however, soil tenders have hope. CalRecycle, the state ...

Shopping like a foodie: Heart & Trotter

New locovore butcher goes whole hog

"Those eggs are gorgeous." I was standing in the middle of a very crowded soft-opening day at Heart & Trotter, North Park's new "whole animal butcher shop." The place promises all local, hormone- and antibiotic-free ...

Council Democrat travels free on labor's dime

Alvarez excursions, Faulconer’s cash from conventions revealed by disclosures

It's the first week of April, time for San Diego's politicos to fess up about the outside income they received and the gifts and trips they accepted in 2014. As usual, mayor Kevin Faulconer did ...

Forget Tijuana if you need an organ transplant

Doctor speaks out about wasted body parts of the deceased

Dozens of Tijuanans in need of organ transplants have died needlessly because public health officials have failed to maintain organ-donor programs at government hospitals and clinics, the president of the Association of Transplants and Renal ...

Jacked by the Box

Residents appeal decision to allow overhaul of North Park fast-food joint

North Park residents are appealing a decision from Superior Court judge Robert Prager to dismiss the lawsuit they filed over the massive overhaul of a Jack in the Box restaurant in North Park. The basis ...

Yesterday's fishing report is no joke

Since my report is about yesterday's fishing, April 1, I have to note that this is the real deal and not an April Fool's gag. About the only thing one could say as a joke ...

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