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Doug Webb Quartet does Jazz Live

...and other jazz happenings around San Diego September 8-13

Tuesday 8 Jazz 88 showcases Jazz Live featuring the Doug Webb Quartet with pianist Mitchell Forman, bassist Kevin Axt, and drummer Dan Schnelle at the Saville Theatre (14th & C Street) at 8 p.m. Free ...

The Godzilla El Niño: Which Godzilla?

Locals hope for something with a "classic feel"

California Monstereologists have cited the recent invasion of Southern California's beaches by thousands of monstrous pelagic crabs as a likely sign of an impending visit from Godzilla El Niño. "Time and again," says UCSD researcher ...

A wannabe Chipotle?

Un Mundo Mexican Grill aims to be San Diego’s next successful chain

San Diego has been the starting point for a few successful restaurant chains — Rubio’s, Jack in the Box, and Roberto’s to name just three. Un Mundo Mexican Grill is a new spot in University ...

Yellows on the beach

Weekly fish report

Inshore: There were some thrills for kayakers as a couple hammerhead sharks were spotted just offshore. The sand bass tapered off a bit last week though they are still being caught on the flats in ...

Our clothes, our bodies

San Diego T-shirt survey, the use of henna, why I'm fat, Afro hair, tongue piercing, what we think of our bellies

When Shirts Talk Clothes make a statement. I have this shirt because my husband says that I'm the slowest mountain biker in the world. [The shirt] says, "Behold the Turtle." By Cruz Medina, June 30, ...

Divorce of a billionaire (cont'd)

Charles Brandes goes back to court, contests $450K per month for ex-wife

In a decision that was issued August 31, the Court of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District, has sent the well-publicized divorce of Charles and Linda Brandes, who separated in 2004, back to the trial court. In ...