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Can L.A. billionaire’s cash halt U-T layoffs?

Broad foundation funding emerges as source of influence in Los Angeles Times intrigue

Crain's Chicago Business is reporting that "hundreds" of employees of Chicago-based Tribune Publishing, proprietor of the San Diego Union-Tribune, could be departing at year’s end as a result of accepting the troubled company's buyout offer. ...

Shame on tuna fishermen and executives

Mermaid calls b.s. on Chicken of the Sea's greenwashing

A group of environmental activists led by a mermaid descended on Chicken of the Sea's headquarters in downtown San Diego on Wednesday afternoon (October 28) to protest what they call a "greenwashing" of the company's ...

An ear-bleeding anthology of vintage horror film radio spots

Shhh! Do you hear that? It's an exculpatory aggregation of fear-drenched hoopla meant to shock and alarm. "You'll shiver as you ride the river of the dead!" "The ghoulish story of a wild motorcycle gang ...

Time to forget about Streetscape debacle

Clock donated to La Mesa for installation at Lookout Park

The La Mesa City Council on October 27 voted 3-0 to accept the donation of a two-faced, 220-pound, 12-foot-tall street clock. The timepiece, valued at about $8400, is a gift from the nonprofit La Mesa ...

These are "Salad Days" for Mac DeMarco

Indie hit crowd surfs at Observatory North park

Dipping down from the forgotten land of Canada, Mac DeMarco and his corky bandmates made an appearance at the Observatory North Park in support of DeMarco’s delightful “mini LP” Another One. Crowd-surfing, child-like banter, and ...

She hailed a cab, they hailed the rocks

Tijuana taxi incident results in injuries and burning car

Drivers of yellow taxis situated near the international border in Tijuana attacked the driver of a competing taxi libre on Tuesday, October 27, then set his cab ablaze, according to an account published by El ...

Mortgage offer too good to be true is - REMOVED PER JH

Loan officer pleads guilty to scam that preyed on troubled homeowners

Local businessman Michael Nazarinia is the latest to go down in a $3.5 million mortgage-modification scam, pleading guilty to generating a fraudulent lease agreement in an attempt to help a client defraud a mortgage lender ...

Russian Roulette with spicy wings

Feeling the burn at Hamilton’s Tavern

I enjoy watching football, and I have been known drink beer and eat wings while doing so. When there’s an out-of-market game I want to see, I head over to Hamilton’s Tavern. It doesn’t show ...

Opening day of Bing Crosby season includes costume contest

Marilyn, Clark, and Lucy show at Del Mar

Opening its second annual five-week-long Bing Crosby season, the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club on October 29 welcomed over 6000 fans — nowhere near the summer crowds of the regular meet, but lower attendance was reputedly ...

San Diego Zoo and Safari Park takes advantage of Orca breeding ban at SeaWorld

Wild, wild life

Following the California Coastal Commission's demand that it cease breeding its killer whales (even as it began construction of new, expanded killer whale storage facilities), the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park released the following ...

Vericare admits submitting false claims

Allegations of overbilling surfaced in whistleblower lawsuit

Vericare Management, San Diego–based provider of psychiatric and psychological services to geriatric patients, agreed yesterday (October 29) to pay more than $1 million to resolve allegations that it violated the federal False Claims Act by ...

The allure of Joanna Newsom

Divers delivers a deeply woven celebration of life and death

Harpist, singer and composer Joanna Newsom is not everyone’s cup of tea. You may have to pause and look up a word just to glimpse her plane of thought. But that’s just part of Newsom's ...

The bail man is richer than the thief

Julius Anthony Keeler's overhead cut deep into his ill-gotten profits

Career criminal Julius Anthony Keeler made a plea deal to settle five criminal cases in San Diego County and was sentenced to four years in prison on October 19. He is being held at the ...

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