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Backcountry buffoonery or super solar future?

Majority of county supervisors approve of deal with Soitec

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 to re-affirm their environmental approval for two huge solar-power generating installations in East County, even though there seem to be questions about the company that won ...

Banker helped clients dodge money-laundering rules

Raymundo Navarette took bribes, pleads guilty

Local banker Raymondo Navarrette pleaded guilty in federal court today (October 15) to taking bribes to help his clients avoid detection by Citibank's anti-money laundering compliance program. In his plea agreement, Navarrette admitted that he ...

Piercing Papa Doug’s veil of cash and influence

Manchester still stiffing Texas creditor over La Jolla proto-bank job

Douglas Manchester has shed a wife, unloaded a mini-newspaper empire, and sold off its Mission Valley headquarters. But San Diego's rich Republican kingpin still can't manage to dodge one persistent creditor, who has chased the ...

Serve up the suffering

The Trip's inventive, clever Three Sisters takes it to a new place — Torrey Mesa

In Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters (1900), Lieutenant Vershinin wonders what the world will be like in 200 years. I wonder if Chekhov could imagine that, 115 years after it opened, a company would mount his ...

Boy hitman in Tijuana

Alleged killer is 14 years old

A Tijuana youth who allegedly responded to a solicitation on Facebook seeking a gunman for hire has been arrested on murder charges. Local news media are referring to the 14-year-old suspect as “the boy hitman” ...

Spielberg, Hanks, America!

In full gee-whiz mode

Yahoos and schemers are just the price we pay for living in the Land of the Free.

San Diego is 12th greenest city

"Going green" not just a euphemism for this city's marijuana industry

Of the nation's 100 largest cities, San Diego is the 12th greenest, according to WalletHub, an organization that keeps statistics on states, cities, and metro areas. The cities were ranked on variables such as: air ...

The grill is very hot! The pots are very hot! Fully cook your food!

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ comes with warnings

I like a menu that comes with warnings. The menu at Gyu-Kaku has six of them. The grill is very hot! The pots are very hot! Fully cook your food! Use those tongs to prevent ...

O.B.'s best rent deal slated for demo

Cave at end of Orchard Avenue at risk of collapse

The days are numbered for a cave used as an illegal shelter that the city says in danger of collapse at the foot of Orchard Avenue in Ocean Beach. By next week, police will dislodge ...

What happened to you, Joshua Drinnon?

Donovan inmate who escaped in Illinois recaptured in Oregon

After more than a month on the run, authorities have recaptured an inmate from San Diego's R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility who escaped while in transit back to prison from a trial for additional charges in ...

Yield vs. Stop sign debate in Vista

"What about speed-bumps?"

After years of watching cars speed through the intersection by her Vista home, Betty Haver got her traffic sign on Tuesday, October 13. After much discussion, the Vista City Council voted unanimously to place “Yield” ...

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