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Confidential emails ought to jog the memory

Commissioner Florio attended post-Warsaw huddle with Peevey

Previously undisclosed emails between Southern California Edison and the California Public Utilities Commission, received this week by San Diego attorney Mike Aguirre, reveal that there was a post-Warsaw huddle not long after former commission president ...

Chained in a police van for hours

Unsettled lawsuits involve Occupy San Diego protesters

Three women arrested during the October 2011 police raids on Occupy San Diego protesters and left in police vans for up to six hours without access to restrooms continue their legal fight with the city. ...

Welcome to Mexico. $22.50, please

Indications of reinstatement of tourist visa fee

Entering Tijuana through the San Ysidro pedestrian border crossing is nothing like going to the United States. Instead of waiting in line for hours on a crooked sidewalk while beggars and salesmen of all types ...

More complicated than you might think

A soprano isn't just a soprano

Let’s talk about soloists and concert music. I’ve yet to be impressed with any soloists at any of the orchestras in town. I’ve found them all to be serviceable at best and miscast at worst. ...

More ducks, more problems

Temecula park ranger outlines why the feedings had to stop

Feeding the ducks at Temecula Duck Pond Park and Harveston Lake is no longer allowed, as the city aims to reduce the waterfowl population with new signs prohibiting the practice. The duck pond was dedicated ...

The nepotism case that won't die

Cousin of ousted port commissioner checks in regarding son's lifeguard proceeds

There are many family ties in San Diego government, some legal, some not so much. For instance, the ghost of Wayne Darbeau, ousted as chief executive officer of the port of San Diego after a ...

History out the corner of your eye

Place, people, and change with Asian Story Theatre’s Stories of the Sun Café

Asian Story Theatre’s Stories of the Sun Café runs three performances through the weekend of June 27-29. Written by Kent Brisby, who researched the subject with Joyce Teague for two years, the piece is the ...

Gregg Allman rambles to the County Fair

Timeless tunes bring our reviewer back to childhood

Thanks to my older brothers, I developed an early appreciation for the Allman Brothers Band’s Southern rock as a child in the 1970s. Some 40-odd years later, hearing “Statesboro Blues” or “Ramblin’ Man” brings me ...

Padres' good young blood gone

Team criticized as having gone from "win now" to "what now?"

Buster Olney, a columnist for ESPN and former New York Times and Union-Tribune sports scribe, says the Padres probably erred by trading off young talent to get former all-stars. Instead of trying to "win-now for ...

Drones, by Muse

Heady, heavy trio try their hands at concept rock

This is the album Muse was built to make. Bombastic, hard-hitting, and pretentious (in a good way), Drones takes the trio’s brand of paranoid space rock and brings it to an all-new level of science-fiction ...

The CheeseSteak Grill does Philly proud

Oceanside’s take on a nationally revered sandwich

I’d like to find out how many cheesesteak restaurants there are in the U.S. There have been quite a few in San Diego, and while a number of them have come and gone, you can ...

Gloved perv popped

El Cajon police arrest suspected indecent intruder

Police in El Cajon reported the arrest of a 31-year-old transient for residential burglary and indecent exposure on Thursday afternoon (June 25). Last Sunday (June 21), officers responded to a call originating on the 500 ...

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