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Stories from San Diego neighborhoods

Normal Heights, Sabre Springs, Fallbrook, Alpine, and Olive Street in North Park

Nowhere Zone The rise, fall, and rise of Normal Heights “I’d been renting an apartment over on Georgia Street, the sort of border area between North Park and Hillcrest. From one month to the next, ...

Military records prove the lie

Human smuggler claimed he served three tours in Iraq

Scotty Kamakahohie White was sentenced Tuesday (June 2) to 30 months in federal prison. He had earlier been convicted in federal court for smuggling an undocumented foreign national into the United States. At his initial ...

Tomato dominates fish at Mr. A’s

The “fritos” were fun to eat and inspired another round of drinks

I’ve long heard that Mr. A’s has the best view in town, but I’ve avoided finding out for myself. For a while, the jacket-and-tie dress code kept me away (I couldn’t even tell you the ...

A sign of rain ahead?

Tuna crabs indicate a forthcoming El Niño event

Walking with my dogs at Fiesta Island yesterday, I found what at first glance looked like a toy rubber lobster. Until he or she moved! As I continued walking down the shore, I discovered more ...

Caltrans, what planet are you on?

Coronado residents don't buy rationale for raising speed limits

Coronado residents expressed shock and outrage at a city-council meeting on June 2 — Caltrans proposes raising the speed limits on two highways running through the island community. Marcelo Peinado, Caltrans’ District 11 division chief ...

And don't compare them to the Manson Family

Attorneys for alleged killers of Brittany Killgore get slack from judge

A superior court judge made decisions yesterday (June 5) regarding the admissibility of evidence that defense attorneys hoped to suppress in the upcoming trial for three persons accused of killing Brittany Killgore. The naked body ...

Bluefin on the boats

Friday dock totals: H&M Landing hosted 66 anglers aboard 2 boats and reported a total catch of 3 bonito, 3 yellowtail, 1 whitefish, 5 sculpin and 100 rockfish. 37 anglers aboard 2 boats out of ...

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