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I depend on an angel on the San Diego Transit info line

We finally meet in East Village

“My family were dairy people from the Azores. We adore things like cheeses and anchovies.”

He who puts his lips to it would wish them never to be removed

From “Travels” by Ibn Jubayr

The blessed Black Stone is encased in the corner [of the Kabah] facing east. The depth to which it penetrates it is not known, but it is said to extend two cubits into the wall. ...

Product coming in August from San Diego bands

Record-release roundup

The band formerly known as Ed Ghost Tucker will release a final EP under that name while debuting their new incarnation, the Lulls, at the Soda Bar on August 1. Now a trio since the ...

Putting faces to the Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Web-hit psychedelic rock trio sells out Casbah

In 2010 a singer/songwriter and guitarist named Ruban Nielson posted an original track to his Bandcamp site. Pop music bloggers got their hands on it, reposted it all over the internet, and due to the ...

Four poems

On a Pair of Dice We are little brethren twain, Arbiters of loss and gain, Many to our counters run, Some are made, and some undone: But men find it to their cost, Few are ...

Readers' thoughts on the Reader

Babies Having Babies Your cover story of a child who, at age 16, delivered a baby (“Child No More,” July 23) portrays her as a heroine. Your heroine is a fortunate exception. This piece is ...

Summertime’s cold coffee culture

Hot coffee may be a year-round drink, but with summer temperatures rising, cold brew becomes a greater focus for local shops. At Coffee & Tea Collective, they’re experimenting with longer steep times, taking a standard ...

A drink that is not a pick-me-up so much as a wind-me-down

Perfect home for the Quick Fix

Like New Yorker Tony Bennett singing his heart out for San Francisco, Counterpoint bartender Ryan Andrews has made the East Coast cocktail known as the Quick Fix his own — and in the process a ...

Lucy's drenched in sweat

Lucy's Fur Coat reunites for two nights at Casbah

The promise of San Diego as “the next Seattle” was never fulfilled. But that creatively fertile time was saluted with the release of the feature film It’s Gonna Blow: San Diego’s Music Underground 1986–’96. Many ...

Will CivicSD approve Trump-like sign for old Sempra HQ?

Manchester Financial Group seeks vanity sign

Manchester Financial Group now owns 49 percent of the downtown building that formerly housed Sempra Energy, at 101 Ash Street. It bought the minority share in the property for $20 million, reported the San Diego ...

The Producers

They bring out the best in you.

“The producer is an ego booster, a cheer leader, and a critic. It’s all about getting them to do their best work.”

Political DIY money

As next year’s election season looms ever closer, a couple of local politicos are lining up to place substantial cash bets on themselves. San Diego Republican city councilman Mark Kersey, who didn’t have an opponent ...

Hydrate your hair for the summer

Summer of Love. That’s what my hubby Patrick is calling it. We’ve been invited to eight weddings of friends and family. Eight. Love is in the air. But my poor hair, it’s not feeling the ...

The Strange Case of Mr. Wallace Leach

Part One: “Circular Insanity”

The sun over Coronado said 3 p.m. Wallace Leach bumbled out the side door of the Horton House bar and shielded his eyes from the glare. Though a snappy dresser — he was one of ...

Onward, to flyover country!

What do we call hipster pioneers who strike out to middle-tier cities for cheaper rent?

Dear Hipster: I know you were mostly joking about moving to Austin because moving to Portland is too mainstream, but it got me thinking. The Y2K years saw widespread gentrification of major urban centers, but ...

Procrastination nation

Read this important advice and all related links before you procrastinate one more minute

Dear Hipster: I’m an independent contractor with a handful of small design clients. It’s not a huge amount of work, but it pays the bills. Sometimes, especially when I work at home, I procrastinate for ...

Kensington Video prepares to enter the digital age

Keeping up with the Hanfords

The sign on the front window now reads, “Kensington Video and Vidajuice Smoothie Bar,” as our town’s august video store inches one step closer to its projected October 1 grand reopening. If things go as ...

Sacri Monti skate, but they’re no skate band

Stoke for krautrock

“The only fans that come up to you after the show are music nerds or prog-rock dads.”

Lifeguard-Harbor Patrol Blotter

07-26-15 Possible 1145 (suicide) threat. 19 yo male in the PB area threatening 1145. LGs search along with SDPD. Unable to locate. N. channel Jetty. Boat showing smoke and near jetty. Resc, LG respond. Vessel ...

L.A.'s Aggrolites take the stage at Belly Up Friday night

Dirty reggae

A couple of years after forming in 2002, the Aggrolites put the pedal to the metal. They commenced a grueling concert schedule that would take up nearly a decade of their lives. “We were constantly ...

Is that a skunk in your pocket?

Little stinker

“Holding a baby skunk is on my bucket list,” I said. Bob shot David an Is she for real? look, and David assured him of my sincerity.

Original San Diego punk band regroups and re-energizes

First-wave Executives

The first time I saw the Executives play was when I hired them to open for a Penetrators show I was promoting at the La Paloma Theatre in Encinitas. Lead singer Mike Jenks explains 35 ...

Casa Mira View — city of villages or mecca for crime?

Two views of a housing project

Will Mira Mesa mega-development become a slum?

The Look of Silence makes it personal

The past isn’t

There’s a quote from Jean­-Luc Godard — the source of which has escaped me — in which the greatest living filmmaker suggests that the future of well-­balanced cinema is subject to a need for documentary ...

It’s raining PR

With San Diego’s water rates set to rise and supply cuts ever growing, that $1.6 million, off-again, on-again public relations contract being issued by Kevin Faulconer to hype his status as the anti-drought mayor is ...

Welcome to rock and roll heaven...

with Coliseum, Delta Saints, Tame Impala, and Hurray for the Riff Raff

Sunday 2Welcome to Rock and Roll Heaven, Steve Rodriguez. The Dragons/Saint Shameless bassist passed away last week leaving a gaping hole in the San Diego music scene, and he will be memorialized as he should, ...

Stiff Little Fingers, Lucy's Fur Coat, Yeah Buddy!

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this weekend

Thursday 30From Northern Ireland, ca. 1977, Stiff Little Fingers were a Clash-grabbing lot that played punk through their homeland’s “troubles.” Over the years, the Fingers held onto the Irish but tossed the punk for power-pop ...

A small marlin, juvenile mako and a big bluefin

A smallish striped marlin was caught near San Diego last Saturday on a trolled tuna feather. It took the angler 11/2 hours to land the 95 lb fish. (on trolling gear??) No story on why ...

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