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Latest Panca mural in Tijuana defaced

Neighbor in Colonial Federal takes action

"There's a generational gap," explains David Peña, who moved south of the border about a year ago with his brother after graduating with a B.A. in art from CalState Long Beach. David teamed up with ...

Brewery Igniter offers brewhouses for lease

Fenton powered business model cuts startup costs

Given the number of craft beer companies launched in San Diego over the past couple of years, starting a brewery almost seems easy. Of course, it's not, and given the capital investment required to purchase ...

Clairemont speeding irks residents

Elderly and handicapped at risk on Cowley Way

Shortly after hearing about a 77-year old woman who suffered a hit-and-run in La Jolla while crossing the street last Saturday, I saw two Western tow trucks pull up in my neighborhood. I watched one ...

Columbia, South Carolina: study in contrasts

The state's capital is steeped in Confederate history and contradiction.

South Carolina is a state of contradictions, and nowhere is this more apparent than in its capital. Last June, Kristin Morris, the Nickelodeon’s marketing manager, summed up contemporary South Carolina’s dichotomy, noting: “We’re a progressive ...

Radio star Lucia has lost home; lives with son

Banned by SEC; recently had heart attack

San Diego-based, nationally syndicated radio and TV financial personality Ray Lucia Sr. has lost his home, is living with his son, and has suffered a "serious medical setback," according to his attorney, Mark Fagel of ...

Like SDSU, like Faulconer?

Does school’s decade-long environmental impact fight portend mayor's stadium fate?

How sticky can a legal battle over an environmental impact report get? Plenty, based on an August 3 ruling by the state supreme court against San Diego State University that may be regarded as a ...

NIH invites Junior Seau's daughter to speak at ceremony

Freedom of speech!

After considerable controversy, the National Football League allowed Sydney Seau to speak at last weekend's NFL Hall of Fame ceremony, following the posthumous induction of her father, Tiaina Baul "Junior" Seau, Jr. Seau, a fearsome ...

Greasy indie burgers and fries inside Colectivo 9

It’s as if the meat is sandwiched between two clouds

The Gastrocourt Colectivo 9 opened on September of last year and has grown in popularity and volume. What was once an empty hallway leading to the semi-hidden food court is now a bustling row of ...

Lemon Grove man crashes truck eight times before drunk-driving arrest

Hits light pole and car on Federal and College Avenue

A drunk driver was involved in a series of crashes spanning from Lemon Grove to San Diego before finally being apprehended early Wednesday morning (August 5), authorities are reporting. Shortly before 7 a.m., sheriff's deputies ...

Classical is sexy

New research uses science to confirm what listeners already know

The BBC recently released an article about music and “skin orgasms.” The article claims great music carries with it a sensual element that can become addictive. Science tends to do this with classical music — ...

Zapf's Clairemont swampland

Median eyesore on Balboa Avenue

Clairemont Mesa residents have had enough. Joel P. shared on, "Ever since they redid the entire median on Balboa from Morena to 805 with landscaping years ago, we have been blessed with the only ...

UCSD loses Alzheimer's research contract

Pharmaceutical giant Lilly shifts to USC, new home of alleged staff/data poacher

The financial repercussions of a controversial move by one of UC San Diego's top researchers to the University of Southern California appear to be surfacing. Eli Lilly and Company, a global pharmaceutical giant, announced Tuesday ...

Music Box winding up, Avalon on the horizon

Latest news on the San Diego nightclub scene

After being dark for two-and-a-half years, the Little Italy space formerly known as Anthology has been renamed the Music Box and crews are racing to have the remodeled restaurant/bar/music venue opened in time for the ...

Judge spanks Edison for unreported meetings

Questions statements on secret Peevey-Pickett meeting

Melanie Darling, the California Public Utilities Commission administrative law judge handling the San Onofre decommissioning matter, stated yesterday (August 5) that in the period leading to the decision to stick ratepayers with 70 percent of ...

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