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TEDx to take heat in desert symposium

Joshua Tree will host conversations about the "infotainment" giant's policies.

In a recent TEDx talk in La Jolla, UCSD professor Benjamin Bratton criticized the popular, worldwide forum’s integrity, garnering the attention of publications such as Slate, Gawker, and Huffington Post. Bratton asserts that TEDx has ...

Now Try This: Oxtail ramen at Rakiraki

Kearny Mesa ramen shop kills it with noodles and beeftail

Rakiraki, Kearny Mesa’s hipster noodle house, has an oxtail ramen dinner on the menu that’s an absolute must-grind. The ramen part is more of the same: Rakiraki’s chicken-based ramen, with its light and surprisingly fatty ...

Goldsmith loses same argument twice

Challenger Briggs not lulled by city attorney assistant’s “talking points”

The $150,000 that city-council members set aside to hire attorneys to defend city attorney Jan Goldsmith in a taxpayer-waste lawsuit is getting put to use. Whether it was put to good use is another matter. ...

Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation from filmmaking

The perfect summer rental for the last vacation you’ll ever want to take!

It’s a film once held in the highest esteem, one I proudly proclaimed the best picture of 1962! I was six at the time. Things might have been different had my parents dragged me to ...

Goodbye, greenhouse buzz

Cordova Nursery closed, land sold

Another petal of the former Flower Capital of the World has withered away. The Cordova Nursery wholesale greenhouses, at 720 Balour Drive, in Encinitas, have closed. The property has been sold, and on September 9, ...

Simply spoken, wonderfully played

The Pianist of Willesden Lane at the San Diego Repertory Theatre.

A Portrait of the Young Jewish Pianist in World War II. In the 1920s, Lisa Jura’s father was the best tailor in Vienna. But she dreamt of being a concert pianist. She’d debut playing Grieg’s ...

Senior sedan embarks on medical pot odyssey

Bud-hunting retirees seek respite from health issues in Hillcrest

Things sure have changed in the pot world over the past 45 years. In college, in order to score a joint, one had to have a friend who had a friend who had a friend ...

Hispanic entrepreneurship low in SD

California coastal cities not so hot, either

In a ranking of the best and worst cities for Hispanic entrepreneurship, San Diego comes in a lowly 107 of 150 metro areas, according to a study by the statistical aggregator Among the Hispanic-related ...

Simultaneously hipster and not hipster

Down, down the dark spiral of "identity."

Hipster: What do I tell people who call me a hipster, especially when they mean it as an insult? — Beth We understand hipsterism as a label that people (let’s call them “haters”) apply to ...

San Diego Unified scores mine-resistant Army truck

"We can drive up to the building, cram 30 kids in, and get them to safety."

Tons of surplus weaponry have rained down on California from the Pentagon's excess property giveaway, otherwise known as the 1033 Program, with a sizable allotment landing in San Diego County. San Diego's police department got ...

Will shoot flames for tools

Alleged thief wields aerosol can to try and escape Poway Home Depot

A Lakeside man and his wife were arrested over the weekend after an attempted theft from a Poway Home Depot location ended with 37-year-old Ignacio Brambila wielding a makeshift flame-thrower against employees. According to a ...

First taste at Bottega Americano

Euro style, Euro timetable at new multi-station food stop.

The Italian word bottega carries a sort of double meaning. It can simply mean a shop (like the more commonly known Spanish bodega), or refer to an artist's workshop. Americano, of course, refers to something ...

Middle-finger bird deemed free

Digit-wielding Chiefs fan at Chargers game punched security guard

A San Diego Chargers security guard can't be held liable for restraining an opposing team's fan who flipped the middle digit at Chargers fans, a federal judge has ruled, according to Courthouse News Service. In ...

September 8 dock totals

Fishing Report: Sept. 8 Chubasco 2 Sportfishing 28 Anglers, 1 Boat, 19 California Yellowtail, 1 Dorado, 1 Pacific Bonito Fisherman's Landing 152 Anglers, 6 Boats, 105 Yellowtail, 35 Dorado, 394 Yellowfin Tuna, 15 Skipjack Tuna, ...

Hidden agenda in Hillcrest?

Business association seeks to exclude certain boardmembers

The Hillcrest Business Association's job as administrator of the local business improvement district is clear: improve the business district. In order to continue to do so, staff is proposing to change the bylaws. The proposed ...

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