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Found: another proposal from the now-disbanded Balboa Park Centennial Group

San Diego, then and now

From the minutes of the December 2013 meeting of the Balboa Park Centennial Group, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request and a fifth of Glenlivet: Mr. [REDACTED] noted that, during the 1935 Expo, ...

Sailing America

“Anyone who does happen to lose their lunch while sailing will get it back with a gift certificate to a restaurant just down the street.”

Sweetwater chaos reaches Judge España’s court

District argues that Cartmill and Lopez should be suspended from board

Sweetwater Union High School District board meetings have often been chaotic and indecisive. But did anyone ever imagine this chaos would be replicated in a South Bay courthouse? On April 24, when Sweetwater trustees Jim ...

Sufjan, Serengeti, and Son Lux are Sisyphus

The debut full-length from Sisyphus, an amalgamation of three disparate indie forces (Sufjan Stevens, Serengeti, Son Lux) commissioned by the Walker Art Center, is grounded in a thesis Sufjan relayed in a prerelease interview on ...

New kid in town: Boffo Cinemas to open seven-screen luxury cinema in La Jolla

My old pal Pat Sherman at The La Jolla Light broke the story. Two La Jolla businessmen, Adolfo Fastlicht and Carlos Wellman, announced their company, Boffo Cinemas, is set to open a new seven-screen luxury ...

Thanks for the full-scale train, Dad

Pullman car in Miramar was inheritance

While driving eastbound on Miramar Road, I spotted a classic train car sitting on an abandoned railroad spur. The 1948 Pullman car sits with 30 other industrial freight cars on an end-of-the-line track, fenced off ...

A taste of Chicago, on Hawaiian sweet buns

Lefty's adds sliders to its Mission Hills menu

Every time I walk into Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria, I hear Sean Connery's voice in my head, growling "That's the Chicago way!" Granted, his Untouchables character wasn't talking about deep dish pizza. But then, neither am ...

Diiv's waves of sound crash on Casbah

Casbah concertgoers gathered to see Brooklyn-based indie-rock poster children DIIV perform a sensory-soaked performance. Frontman Zachary Cole Smith walked onstage to tune his guitar and cheekily greeted the audience before plunging immediately into their debut ...

Pot lobby and cop unions fund pro-Brewer committee

Independent supporters of D.A.'s challenger get big bucks from strange bedfellows

Some seemingly strange political bedfellows are behind an independent expenditure committee backing attorney Robert Brewer for district attorney against incumbent Bonnie Dumanis. Calling itself “Public Safety Advocates," the group received $10,000 from the Alliance for ...

Chief Zimmerman talks pot

“That's what [Prop 215] was for. Growing a few plants, getting relief."

San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman answered residents' questions about the medical marijuana law and the homeless, among other topics, at the May 7 San Carlos Area Council meeting. John Pilch, council vice president, said ...

Fat Cat expanding through contraction

Out-of-town brewing company to contract brew in Vista

Last November, I was watching a morning news segment featuring a handful of brewing companies from around San Diego. The first five were operations I knew well. Then came the last in the line-up, Fat ...

Real estate scammer pleads guilty

Sold loans on properties he didn't even own

in federal court on Thursday, May 9, a San Diego–based real estate developer admitted to swindling 50 victims out of approximately $50 million according to a Department of Justice announcement. Bradley Holcom, 55, pleaded guilty ...

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