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Scott Barnett, longtime political consultant, journalist, and onetime head of the GOP Lincoln Club, has decided not to seek reelection to the board of San Diego Unified School District.

He posted the announcement on Facebook Sunday, March 2.

After much thought I have decided NOT to run for re-election to the school board.

In trying to be a responsible and productive Board Member on behalf of the students, employees and taxpayers, I have been required to use much emotional, intellectual, and physically energy, which has interfered from meeting my personal, family and professional goals.

I need to put my own life first again. These are not the only reasons for my decision NOT to run, but certainly the most important.

30 years ago in April 1984 when I was elected to the Del Mar City Council at age 21, I started my odyssey of public service and community activism.

Serving on the school board and working with many wonderful parent and community volunteers and so many dedicated staff has been a true inspiration and honor and a wonderful capstone to [the] last three decades.

Today is not the time to recap my successes and failures, but to thank you for the opportunity to allow me to serve. While there is much great work and much reform still to be done, I am confident that Superintendent Cindy Marten will lead us forward in improving the rigor of education for all of our students, and toward our goal of a quality school in every neighborhood.

In 2005, Barnett wrote here about the Voice of San Diego online news and opinion non-profit operation cofounded by the late Neil Morgan.

During his term, he has unsuccessfully argued against a sell-off of district-owned real estate.

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monaghan March 3, 2014 @ 12:20 p.m.

There is no excuse for being an elected school official who doesn't show up. No amount of fiscal watchdog grandstanding makes up for such a record.

Scott Barnett has managed to "put (his) own life first again" for quite some time before today's announcement. He has been shockingly AWOL from meetings of the School Board as well as from community-based school "cluster" meetings where he is supposed to get grassroots information and answer questions from parents.


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