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Collateral damage on and off Wall Street

Stock-loan fraud yields ten years in jail, a suicide, and a few poorer execs

Floridian Jeffrey Spanier was today (June 23) sentenced to serve ten years in custody for his role in a $100 million stock loan fraud. The case was handled by San Diego's U.S. Attorney's office. Spanier ...

Papa Doug digs Obama’s pond scum

Editorial reveals publisher’s role in federally subsidized algae-to-energy scheme

Beating up on big government spending is a full-time occupation at U-T San Diego, owned by mega-millionaire Republican real estate developer Douglas Manchester. Obamacare, minimum-wage hikes, and the Barrio Logan community plan are a few ...

Entirely not Mozart, entirely badass

All-star symphonic performance neatly frames the master

What would happen if you brought an orchestra together which was comprised of principal players from a slew of different organizations such as The LA Philharmonic, the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Detroit Symphony, the Cleveland Orchestra, ...

Frack-happy — for now

Clean-energy forum decries old and new ways of producing energy

Nearly 200 environmental activists from across the county gathered Saturday morning, January 21, in a Balboa Park auditorium for a forum on ”community choice" energy and implementation of a long-range climate action plan. As interim ...

Puesto: F-ing awesome!

Filet mignon taco among the best tacos ever made — period.

If you go to Puesto, you’re going to do a lot of cursing. Not in a bad way, but along the lines of “This taco is f-ing awesome!” or “This is an f-ing great margarita!” ...

Black and stopped in Utah

Speeding San Diegan subjected to drug search can sue

In a dispute that has been dragging on for six years, a judge of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Friday, June 20, that San Diegan Sherida Felder can go ahead with a racial-profiling ...

Immigrant flights from Texas to San Diego canceled

Local border agents prepare during reprieve of overflow plan

Hours after U.S. Border Patrol San Diego sector chief Paul Beeson confirmed that planes carrying illegal immigrants to San Diego from Texas would begin Monday, June 23, the chief learned the flights had been canceled. ...

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