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Children witness shooting in Tijuana

Man gunned down outside elementary school

As hundreds of children looked on, a gunman opened fire on a father waiting for his sons to get out of classes at a Tijuana elementary school on June 19. According to press accounts, Margarita ...

Cop-tosser gets a year in the clink

Vista gang member threw female deputy to the ground, so she shot him

A Vista man who admitted felony assault on a deputy — during a confrontation more than a year ago in which he ended up with a bullet in his chest — was sentenced to time ...

Why Ukraine?

First in a series: reports from a nation in conflict.

Before we start, let’s stop: it’s not THE Ukraine, it’s Ukraine. Obama apparently learned this last year. Admittedly I didn’t know this until recently, but I'm not the Prez. And oh yeah, the capital (Kiev) ...

Divide and Exit by Sleaford Mods

The current foul-mouthed darlings of music press from London to New York, Nottingham’s Sleaford Mods, have unleashed their eighth album, Divide and Exit. From the same neck of the woods as Robin Hood, Sleaford Mods’ ...

Hawaiian sandwich, Russian stout: perfect combo?

Ed mixes Mission grog, Drunken Grill

Is this the future of food trucks? Joel — Joey — Rodriguez calls it a pop-up. It's just a canopy over a cooking ring. With a couple of canvas chairs for Joey, his wife Olive, ...

Want to buy a house? Go elsewhere

"At some point you run out of buyers willing to pay these prices.”

New numbers on home sales released this week might suggest to some the signs of a market approaching its latest peak. Real-estate industry talking heads are scrambling to inject some optimism as summer, which typically ...

Lionel Richie rouses Sleep Train

...revisits hits to everyone's delight

Lionel Richie launched the show with the latter-day “All Around the World,” but then dismissed any critics by playing a full set of hits from the ‘80s and earlier. He began with a rendition of ...

The piper must be paid

Corruption cleanup of South Bay schools continues

The corruption cases from three South Bay school districts — Sweetwater Union High School, Southwestern College, and San Ysidro Elementary — are wrapping up. On June 20, Greg Sandoval, former Sweetwater trustee and former Southwestern ...

Societe's celebratory dumpster-diver

Kearny Mesa brewery releases special second anniversary saison

At my day job, my colleagues and I recently brainstormed potential names for a saison. A rangy ale style originally brewed on French and Belgian farmsteads, we toyed with many farm-inspired names. In the end, ...

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