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San Diego–based Chhatrala Group, which owns hotels around the country, is in trouble for back taxes in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Victorville. The company has a limited-liability company named Chhatrala Grand Rapids, LLC. The Grand Rapids city corporate attorney has sued the LLC on behalf of the Kent County treasurer.

According to the blog, Kent County has sued Crowne Plaza Grand Rapids, owned by Chhatrala, for unpaid hotel taxes and penalties of $246,288 dating back to 2011.

Records of the Kent County Treasurer's Office shows the LLC has numerous liens against it, including a lien for faiing to pay workers compensation insurance. has reported that the Crowne Plaza, Kent County's third largest hotel, missed a payroll in late December. According to the website, the hotel owes more than $350,000 in back property taxes for 2011 and 2012.

Chhatrala operates three hotels in Victorville. According to, Victorville claims the San Diego company owes $362,527 in occupancy taxes.

Last week, I repeatedly called Chhatrala and there was no answer on the phone — not even a recording. An email I sent to the general address bounced back. I decided to wait until today, January 6, since the company might have closed for the holidays. Today, I was told I would have to wait "a couple of days" for anyone to talk. I said I had been waiting a week. The response was, "If you give up, you give up." Then the speaker hung up. If somebody from the company wants to post a response on this blog, he or she is welcome to do so.

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lattae June 6, 2014 @ 9:28 a.m.

They may also be in trouble in California. I've attempted and so have Others, including Our local News station KTVU. They are refusing to respond to Me for almost a year now. I have been referred to numbers, not related to them. The last was suppose to be connecting me to Janish Patel. I was also dealing with Steve Barklis, who owns (or so he states) several hotel units. The Hotel in question with my concern, has been graffiti and windows broken out. The property assessors records have listed them as the owners. I've been dealing with this hotel now for over 7 years. It keeps getting switch into (twisted fingers).



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