At least we didn't go with any of Seuss's anti-Japanese WWII propaganda.
  • At least we didn't go with any of Seuss's anti-Japanese WWII propaganda.
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TIRED OF THE SAME-OLD SAME-OLD, LA JOLLA — In 2012, UC San Diego hired Wisconsin-based law professor Linda Greene to fill the newly created position of Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Now, after barely more than a year on the job, with nothing by way of explanation (or visible results), Greene has gone back to Wisconsin. But UCSD Chancellor Pradeep Khosla has vowed to find a replacement, and has already begun putting out feelers, in the form of a Dr. Seuss-style letter sent to key candidates nationwide. (Dr. Seuss, aka Theodore Geisel, was a great friend to the University, and its library bears his name and houses the his papers.) SD on the QT has obtained a copy of the letter, and presents it here without comment.

Too Many Nguyens (pronounced "nwens")


An unofficial adaptation of Dr. Seuss's "Too Many Daves"
(Thanks, Ted!)

  • We can't quite explain all the whys and the whens
  • But UCSD just has too many Nguyens
  • And too many Itos, Tanakas, and Wangs
  • Also too many Kims, and Parks, Lees, and Yangs
  • Over forty percent have roots in the East
  • We need to reduce that by ten points, at least!
  • We brought in a Chancellor and paid her a lot
  • But she didn't help move our numbers one jot
  • So now she is gone, and we're looking afresh
  • For someone to bring in some other-hued flesh
  • And to help clarify, we've made out a list
  • Not quotas, exactly, but you get the gist.
  • We need a Sadiki, a Mwamba, a Tau
  • Got some African blood? We need you, and how!
  • A Proudfoot would send us right over the moon
  • American Natives can't get here too soon!
  • All you Mexican types whose name ends in "z"
  • Gomez and Lopez - you suit us to a T!
  • Filipinos, yes please! Even Caucasians!
  • Come on and help us offset all these Asians.
  • Diversity doesn't take care of itself
  • We'll need you to be our diversity elf
  • And if you can get all those names on the bill
  • We'll happily pay you a cool quarter mil

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Ted Rodosovich Feb. 22, 2014 @ 12:21 a.m.

How devilishly ironic! Just take a look at the LJ CHRISTMAS Parade ( DEFINITELY not a religiously neutral name. Do the major sponsors:

PARADE SPONSOR Audrey S. Geisel, SD Foundation, Dr. Seuss Fund

MAJOR SPONSORS La Jolla Management Company • The Albergram • La Jolla Country Market • Sycamore Court • Village Corner • The Wall Street Building Merrill Lynch Wealth Management San Diego Board of Supervisors Funded by Supervisor Ron Roberts

DIVISION SPONSORS Bache Family John Barbey Capital Growth Properties John & Karin Donaldson Peter Farrell Florence Riford La Jolla Community Fund at The San Diego Foundation Cindy Greatrex La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club La Valencia Hotel McGrory Family Fund

ARTS & EDUCATION SPONSORS Ray & Gina Ellis Citrus Public Relations Kiwanis Club of La Jolla Preuss Family Foundation

YOUTH SPONSORS Bill & Claudia Allen June Ash Bank of America Blanchard, Krasner & French Casey & Tiffany Brown California Bank & Trust Harry & Valerie Cooper Gail Forbes Hudson & Mary Drake James & Joy Furby Mike & Julie Furby Marathon Construction Corporation La Jolla Music Scott & Betsy McClendon James & Elspeth Myer Price Family Charitable Fund Robert A. Collins Company Glenda Rothberg Don & Linda Swortwood Torrey Pines Bank Ruth Yansic

... realize that since 2005 there has been a calling to switch CHRISTMAS to COMMUNITY in the parade's title? Are these people still living in the 1950's? Is there an attitude of "we are the enclave" of La Jolla? Does the label "Hoity-Toity" apply to us? Should we wonder why Wisconsin-based law professor Linda Greene had a difficult time of it? Teddy Rodosovich, LJDIG (La Jolla Diversity and Inclusiveness Group) OBTW, give a check to what every other major event around the Winter Solstice calls itself.


Richard Rider March 23, 2014 @ 1:52 p.m.

Here's an article I wrote in early February on UC affirmative action efforts. There are stats there worth reviewing:

"The 2014 California University Jew and Asian Student Admission Quota Act" by Richard Rider

A misguided Associated Press "story" says: "In 1995, minority students accounted for 38 percent of high school graduates and 21 percent of those entering as University of California freshmen, Hernandez [a principal proponent of the bill] said. By 2004, they made up 45 percent of high school graduates but 18 percent of incoming UC freshmen, he said, adding the gap is growing."

But go look at the official stats of the demographics of 2013 incoming UC freshman: (end of the table)

So, what's the percentage of incoming freshmen who are white (INCLUDING the vague "other" category)? 28.1% -- well BELOW the percentage of whites in California (42.3%). And BTW, note that this table shows that the percentage of the selectively designated "oppressed" minority admissions is NOT shrinking -- it's remarkably level. The drop they ballyhoo is the ending in 1996 of the disastrous and discriminatory quota system that existed before we passed Prop 209 to make such discrimination illegal.

This bill is not about countering white privilege. It's about setting up restrictive DE FACTO quotas for ASIANS -- which constitute a (supposedly evil) disproportionately high 36% of admissions vs. 14.9% of the CA population. Apparently these Asian kids "act white" FAR better than even WHITE kids act white!

To make the numbers being used to justify the bill favorable, the affirmative action (not quotas, of course) sponsors made the Asians minority part of the "white" majority (which is not a majority). Ipso presto, discrimination abounds!!

Such racist dishonesty is breathtaking -- until one realizes that, well, this IS California. It's okay to discriminate against Asians in the Golden State -- just as it was once acceptable to establish informal admission quotas on high-performing Jews at Ivy League colleges a century ago.

SAN DIEGO U-T BID TO UNDO BAN ON USING RACE AT SCHOOLS State Senate OKs putting affirmative action on ballot

By Associated Press 12:01 a.m.Jan. 31, 2014

To read the article, go to the link:


Richard Rider March 23, 2014 @ 1:54 p.m.

NOTE: Here's an aspect of the anti-Prop 209 bill that most will overlook. Included in this new stealth quota system bill is a redress of the longstanding grievance against gender discrimination. It's gone on for generations and continues even today -- ask any liberal.

But here's the thing: The bill will require what amounts to discrimination against the gender that is too frequently admitted -- you guessed it -- WOMEN.

In 2010 the UC system admitted 95,403 women and only 84,178 men -- a PRIMA FACIE case confirming discrimination. I look forward to the innovative progressive implementation of this solution to gender discrimination.


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