While the technology isn’t bad, we need laws in place. The people operating them need to be responsible in suing them.

  • Alex
  • via voicemail


If the Reader were to give a prize to one of its letter writers, let me be the first to nominate Christopher Corbett-Fiacco of North Park for his letter, “Gaily Gobbled by the Glorified Greedy” (February 6), in which Mr. Corbett-Fiacco explains in the third paragraph of his letter the ins and outs of politics in San Diego, which are dominated, according to Mr. Corbett-Fiacco, by an entitlement mentality, the “pay-to-play” financing of local elections which provides prime-time seating at a “smorgasbord” of sweet political goodies that are no longer consumed in the “smoke-filled rooms” of the past, but have been brought into the light of day and illuminate just how unimportant those outside the corridors of power are in the great scheme of life, love, and politics in San Diego, except when there is a local election and the great (unwashed) masses are bombarded via television, telephone, and the USPS to vote for their candidate who will protect San Diego from the unions, or from the downtown developers, or another pension debacle, or from losing the title of “America’s Finest City.”

I loved this letter. Seriously.

  • Suzanne Ledeboer
  • Normal Heights

Cut Our Losses

I’m astounded when government agencies refuse to pay judgments smaller than their legal expenses, and continue paying their outside counsel with no chance of reversal or net savings (“County Office of Education Loves to Pay Lawyers,” News Ticker, February 6). I guess the five defending law firms must have ties to management? We taxpayers ask that you cut our losses.

I worked with Rodger Hartnett before he added to the county’s expertise, and I assure you that he is an expert public entity claims professional, including legal expense control.

Thanks for an excellent article; you guys are the cutting edge.

  • Chuck Allen
  • Pacific Beach

Ticket to Ride

As one who walks most places in San Diego, bicycles on the sidewalk is one of the main things that gets my blood pressure up. Someone who wants to sue for getting hurt while riding on the sidewalk is just stupid.

I’ve been in San Diego for 50 years, and I can tell by a quick reading of the California bicycle code that the rules for riding a bicycle haven’t changed much. You ride with the car traffic, you follow all of the laws a car would (such as stopping for stop signs), and you keep your bike in good mechanical shape with part of that being lights at night. No where does it say it’s okay to ride on the sidewalk.

There is part of the code that gives individual cities the right to judge whether a bike rider may ride on the sidewalk, but I gather this part of Carmel Road was in San Diego County and that they adhere to California bicycle laws.

The person should have gotten a ticket along with a ride to the hospital. If the city pays this person then they are setting a precedent for more lawsuits.

San Diego, show some backbone or you’ll end up like El Cajon. There are No Smoking signs posted everywhere in El Cajon and a person smoking under each one of them.

  • Name Withheld
  • El Cajon

Late Notice

This letter is actually a question. I came across your latest issue, February 6. In it, I noticed that it had the John Lennon exhibit starting on the 7th. Is it because the people listing the event tell you so late that it’s only printed the day before?

I’ve seen this happen in your magazine a bit. It seems that when I notice something that I would like to attend, it sneaks up on me and I can’t make it because of the timing.

Is there any way you can correct this? Like telling whoever is going to announce anything to give you guys more notice?

  • Frank “The Rat”
  • Fallbrook

We print events occurring during the week of publication. For a list of events happening beyond the current week, please visit our website: SDReader.com/events — Editor

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