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A marketable-adjective bistro takes over

Meatballs and tapas supplant French appeal

I never made it to Café Paris, but there's enough Francophile to me that I'd looked forward to it. Wine and small plates can be just the thing some evenings, even if you have to ...

Pago Pago, American Samoa

On the soggy trail of Somerset Maugham.

A thick drizzle soaked me one Saturday afternoon in Pago Pago, American Samoa. (Pronounced something like “Pango Pango.) But the drizzle was a welcome relief from the Deluge of Heaven that had just raced across ...

Fly Moon Royalty sounds large

“The live show? It’s pretty simple,” Mike Illvester says when asked about the mechanics of how his duo, Fly Moon Royalty, manages to sound so large. “I sing and play keys, and Adra sings. I ...

Fundamental(ist) Flaw

WATCHING THE SKY FOR BRIMSTONE, SANTEE — "It's not complicated," says Second Baptist Church of Santee Pastor T. Rebel Swiftsword, explaining his opposition to the Light & Life Foundation's decision to keep its Creation Museum ...

Subsidy proponent pledges big to SDSU sports building

"No better entertainment in San Diego" than university’s basketball, says Kings vice chairman

A chief backer of an elaborate new "basketball performance center" at San Diego State University — approved last month by state university trustees — is a partner in the Sacramento Kings. The professional basketball team ...

Circle Mirror Transformation at New Village Arts

Actors stand in a circle. One waves both hands up and down. The others mimic the movements. Someone says “transform.” Another actor initiates a new gesture, maybe grunts something. The others follow suit in the ...

Let’s Be Friends

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