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Luis Antonio Trujillo, 34, Donnie Jack Massett, 32, and Elaina Lynn Paramore, 32, are all charged with murder for benefit of a street gang in connection with a killing in 2011. There was a hearing for all three defendants on December 3.

The alleged victim, 17-year-old John Paul Fernandez, was reportedly shot on the street in Oceanside at about 2 a.m. on July 9, 2011. He died at the hospital five hours later.

Three days prior, on July 6, Fernandez had been taken to the hospital with facial fractures and other serious injuries after he “had been beaten by members of his own gang for disciplinary reasons,” according to Oceanside police detective Douglas Baxter.

Detective Baxter claims that Fernandez was a documented member of the Posole street gang and was ultimately murdered because he had a relationship with a female connected to another, older member of the same gang.

Trujillo was arrested first in the three-year-old murder case and brought into court on October 23, 2014. Codefendants Massett and Paramore were informed of the charges against them on December 1.

Terri Perez

Terri Perez

Prosecutor Terri Perez has charged Trujillo with personal use of a handgun and discharging a firearm causing death.

Oceanside police detective Douglas Baxter gave details of the case in an arrest warrant. The detective stated that Trujillo, known as “Lil Vampy,” admitted to officers that he knew Fernandez had a relationship with a certain woman “but that he was not upset about it.”

“On the night of the murder, [the female] admitted to detectives that she went to meet up with Fernandez just prior to the shooting. [She] drove up to Fernandez, who was on foot, in her brown pickup truck at the corner of Bush and San Diego Street, in the Posole neighborhood. At that time she did not let Fernandez get into her truck, but instead told Fernandez to meet her at a donut shop around the corner. Within moments after [she] pulled away, the shooting occurred.”

Immediately after the shooting, Fernandez was heard to scream, “They set me up!”


Fernandez tribute

RIP John Paul Fernandez, 1994-2011

RIP John Paul Fernandez, 1994-2011

Paramore was seen driving a white car that stopped near Fernandez and then Massett, who is said to be a documented member of the Posole gang with the name “Krook,” was seen kicking and stomping Fernandez as he lay on the ground. According to detective Baxter, Trujillo then shot Fernandez while the victim was on the ground.

A YouTube video appears to honor John Paul Fernandez as a fallen gang “soldier” and states his alias as “Quieto.”

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AlexClarke Dec. 5, 2014 @ 6:47 a.m.

Unless the good residents of any neighborhood stand up and take back their neighborhoods AND we treat gangs as the terrorists they are nothing will change.


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