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Adventures in Adobada: Taquería Los Albañiles

Well-constructed tacos on a dismanlted Segunda

Having finally come to terms with the jeering orange pile of disillusionment that is being marketed as the original taco al pastor in Mexico City, I returned to an old Tijuana favorite to reaffirm the ...

U-T raises street sales price

Jumps from $1.00 to $1.50

The U-T has boosted the price of its street-sales papers to $1.50 from $1.00, confirmed Harry Woldt, circulation director. He does not expect street sales to go down much as a result of the boost, ...

Dig a hole: Mickey Rooney

Death finds Andy Hardy

Sunday began with a prophetic Facebook post. Big Screen devotee Rob “Colonna” Martinez placed an article on my wall from the December 15, 1959 issue of Time magazine that dished the backstory on a drunken ...

Hillary Clinton takes fire downtown

Day after shoe-throwing incident, she skips speech at medical convention

A pair of protest groups descended on the convention center Friday morning, April 11, to picket outside a medical convention, only to find that their target, former secretary of state and likely presidential candidate Hillary ...

Camp Pendleton contractors settle fraud claims

F-Y Inc., RQ Construction, Harper Construction Inc., to pony up

A host of Southern California contractors has agreed to pay the federal government $1.9 million to settle claims that they made fraudulent allegations in order to win bids on major construction projects at Camp Lejeune ...

$80,000 fine in Filner and Dumanis cash case

City ethics commission settles out with La Jolla luxury car dealer

The San Diego city ethics commission has reached a stipulated agreement with La Jolla luxury car dealer Marc Chase to fork over a hefty penalty in the political-money-laundering case involving a Mexican national, GOP district ...


On March 4, Shelley Zimmerman was confirmed as the new Chief of Police for San Diego. Hopes were high that the new chief — the first woman ever to hold the position — would bring ...

Lost in the Dream with War on Drugs

The third album from Philadelphia band War On Drugs finds main man Andy Granduciel filling his hazy, melodic sound with scattered layers, long tones, and phantom drum machines, delivering a record that could soundtrack any ...

La Mesa council rejects cell-phone ban

"Mini computer" use to continue while members sit on dais

La Mesa mayor Art Madrid's city-council colleagues rejected his April 8 request to prohibit cell-phone use by councilmembers during forums, including meetings, town halls, and closed sessions. Madrid's proposal for city attorney Glenn Sabine to ...

Greetings, fellow analog creatures

St. Vincent converts a full house at House of Blues

Annie Clark, better known by her moniker St. Vincent, has stated that she would like to change the concert-going experience for attendees by emanating fragrances throughout the venue. Although there were no new aromas that ...

CSU San Marcos to study surfers

Seeks to qualify wave-riding as viable exercise routine

While surfers have long agreed that their pastime provides for an intense workout in addition to its recreational and psychological rewards, a professor at California State University San Marcos has set out with a team ...

Fruit smoothies, superfoods and breakfast on the run

South Park finally gets its own organic market

As quickly as the past several years of gentrification took over South Park, one problem lingered: access to organic produce. Crack parks became dog parks, empty buildings became restaurants and restaurants became fusion restaurants, and ... wins records act lawsuit against city

Judge says Chief Lansdowne’s SDPD was wrong to deny request

Emails, memos, and other communication explaining the San Diego's Police Department's reasoning for allowing some special events to be exempt from the city's alcohol ban must be turned over to the nonprofit anti-booze-ban group FreePB, ...

Brewery wanna-bes or never-will-bes

Prospective brewing company projects that are either silent or dead

At the time of this writing, I am keeping track of a whopping 42 brewing projects which are in the works within the boundaries of San Diego County. Of those, 35 are works-in-progress from new ...

Fire rages through Logan Heights bar

Arson closed Malena’s in 2008

A notorious neighborhood bar, Malena’s, located on the 2900 block of National Avenue, long closed due to an arson fire, was ablaze in the early morning hours of Friday, April 11. At around 2 in ...

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