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New York style delis aren't supposed to be street legal

Eating good pastrami off the back of a food truck

New York associations aside, packing a deli into a food truck actually kind of makes sense. It's tough to do better than a sandwich for functional street food. These guys make their own mustard and dressings, use fresh artisanal breads, and their pastrami is legit. Their traditional NYC-style sandwiches work, but skipping any grilled options will probably net you a better lunch.

Judge rules Barrio Logan referendum should be on the ballot

Judge admitted petition drive was based on lies, however, said not enough to keep it off ballot.

It's settled. The Port of San Diego Ship Repair Association's petition drive to overturn the Barrio Logan Community Plan Update was steeped in lies and false representations, ruled Superior Court Judge Randa Trapp at today's ...

Exit Through the Gift Shop's Brian Cross to launch opening night of Filmatic Festival

UCSD's four days of media exploration and creation runs April 24–27.

ArtPower! at UC San Diego is poised to debut their first annual Filmatic Festival later this month in Atkinson Hall, headquarters of the Qualcomm Institute on the UC San Diego campus. The event, billed as ...

School officials Gandara and Sandoval plead guilty

But what about the sentences?

Two major players in the South Bay corruption case, former Sweetwater superintendent Jesus Gandara and former Sweetwater trustee Gregorio Sandoval, both plead guilty to a conspiracy felony and a misdemeanor in a Chula Vista courthouse ...

Mess by Liars

Like most Liars’ music, Mess is anxiety-ridden, dissonant, frantic. The seventh album is their third to be made in Los Angeles since leaving Brooklyn. With the change in location comes a change in sound: the ...

Wiggin' out at Casbah...

...with Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks

Similar to Stephen Malkmus’s old band, Pavement, there is a Replacements-like quality to the Jicks’ live sets. They can be the best band in the world on one night, and they can be the worst ...

U.S. Customs corruption is chronic, audit says

SENTRI faces "insider threat," needs more lie detector tests of border agents.

Cooked up in 1995 as a way of easing border travel from Mexico to the United States for those who qualify for pre-approval, the so-called Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection Program, SENTRI for ...

Workers, clergy pour into Clairemont Taco Bell to fight wage theft

Rev. Lee Hill: "I could see tears welling up.”

Following up on a promise last month to ramp up actions against illegal labor practices in the fast food industry, activists descended upon a Taco Bell/Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Clairemont late Thursday morning, intent ...

Modern Times & Half Door Hiring

Brewery and brewpub posting up help wanted signs.

Working at Stone Brewing Co., a business that regularly has between 50 and 100 job postings up at a time, I am intimately aware of how many employment opportunities exist within our burgeoning local brewing ...

Edison execs dump $18 million of stock after rate deal

Proof that ratepayers raped, shareholders coddled.

On March 27, Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric struck a proposed deal that ratepayers have denounced, because, if the deal is approved by the full California Public Utilities Commission, ratepayers will ...

Coffee Bak, Vietnam style

Café Bien is straight from the streets of Saigon.

Very Vietnamese coffee place is where it's at with the local community. Coffee is all they have, but what coffee! Early morning is when the crowd really comes.