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Report notes DeMaio's "green" hypocrisy

He touts renewable energy but takes money from Koch brothers

It appears that Carl DeMaio, who wants to run for Congress, likes both green energy and green money collected from climate-change deniers. The publication notes that on his campaign website, DeMaio, who calls himself ...

University Heights school building followup

San Diego Unified provides notes from closed-session meeting

A recent Reader article dealt with a long-stalled-plan to renovate the historic Teachers Training Annex #1 at 4100 Normal Street, turning it into a public library. The empty and deteriorating building is owned by the ...

100 Wines making its mark in Hillcrest

Cohn restaurant proves itself worth of a full-time chef and a committed menu

100 Wines looks like it’s going to be OK. The Cohn Restaurant Group has never been afraid to shutter an ailing property — just look at what happened to Kemo Sabe after 15 years — ...

Leucadia resident can’t replace stairway to sand

Coastal commission says nay to Beacons Beach homeowner

A long fight by a Leucadia homeowner to try to replace a private stairway to Beacons Beach ended sharply at the California Coastal Commission Thursday, March 13, with the commission rejecting the owner's appeal. "It ...

Abbe Wolfsheimer-Stutz dies

"She had integrity; didn't deal in nonsense."

Abbe Wolfsheimer-Stutz, who served for eight years on the San Diego City Council, died of lung cancer yesterday afternoon (March 13). She had been diagnosed last July. She wanted no memorial services, but it is ...

Military contracting giants gird for barrio battle

Multinationals chip in big to defeat community plan at polls

With San Diego's mayor in its pocket and a bundle of cash already laid out, the world’s military contracting lobby appears to be leaving nothing to chance in its bid to kill the Barrio Logan ...

This is not your independent food truck

Cohn restaurants piles onto the mobile street food craze

It looks like food truck design must be the next commercial art boom. A lot of these guys are clearly paying special attention to how their business gets represented in mural form on the side ...

William Shatner's Ponder the Mystery

Let’s assume he’s serious. Simplifies matters. And unlike his previous, Seeking Major Tom, this one has no well-known originals to brain-sprain yourself over. He’s by turns polemic, stumbling, provocative, gravely. You need his grit, too, ...

Try this one weird trick to enjoy The Grand Budapest Hotel

I liked The Grand Budapest Hotel better than my co-critic Mr. Marks. Even so, it takes only the merest whit of imagination and effort to set the film’s alpine chase sequence to the melodic strains ...

Macaulay Culkin's Pizza Underground underwhelms Tijuana hipster dive

Macaulay Culkin’s Pizza Underground turned out be exactly what everyone had expected — an over-hyped, under-talented group of friends who got stoned and took an inside joke (which should have worn off with the weed) ...

New rules could hurt for-profit schools

Bridgepoint stock has plunged this week

The Obama administration is moving forward with a regulatory proposal that should, if it goes into effect, curb the abuses of for-profit colleges. Students at these schools represent 13% of higher-education enrollment but account for ...

Adams Avenue music festival only free to you and me

Business district's annual money-loser, "Unplugged," turns to online fundraiser Kickstarter for relief

Adams Avenue Unplugged, the free music festival set for April 26 and 27 has launched a fundraiser on Kickstarter to help pay for the costs of the street fair, which takes over two miles of ...

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