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Whoa, Vergara

Teacher-tenure court decision merits inspection of details

On June 10, judge Rolf Treu tentatively decided to do away with statutes that provide teachers with job security in the Vergara v. California court case. Treu’s ruling sided with nine student-plaintiffs who argued that ...

Environmentalists win one

Pardee Homes agrees to redesign project in Santee

Environmental groups have claimed victory in a lawsuit against Pardee Homes to prevent what they feel would be irreparable harm to the San Diego River in Santee. John Buse, attorney for the Center for Biological ...

Mercy for an elder fleecer?

His scam victims screaming in protest

Philip Rand Lochmiller is a notorious fleecer of elderly investors. In 1985 in North County, he was sentenced to three years behind bars for his role — along with his mother and brother — in ...

Coronado land-grab prevention

“Green necklace” of open space around the bay fits 50-year plan

The future of the Coronado bayfront is crowded with ideas. Some link islands of green and gray to increase options for walking and biking; others target tourists and revenue. But what will the San Diego ...

Video of CHP officers confronting Mike Aguirre

Local attorney was asked to surrender box of papers at public meeting

Mike Aguirre tells the audience at a June 16 public meeting of the California Public Utilities Commission in Costa Mesa why he opposes the so-called “settlement” that would force ratepayers to shell out $3.3 billion ...

Making up my own mind about Mozza

Pizzeria Mozza turns out to be another gem at Headquarters

I’m not much of a Yelper, but when I was searching to verify the address for the new Pizzeria Mozza restaurant at the Headquarters two weeks after it opened, Yelp was the first site that ...

Audit calls out sexual harassment at SDSU

Will state-owned TV station report on university’s own laxity?

Last summer, the scandal surrounding San Diego's then–mayor Bob Filner made sexual harassment a heated topic of discussion on local and national news media, including KPBS, the public broadcast operation owned and operated by San ...

You’re going down, Phoenix Lucha Libre

San Diego restaurant claims copyright infringement

In this corner, hailing from San Diego, adorned in hot pink, black, and light blue, we have Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop. And in this corner, hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, also wearing hot pink, black, ...

Tom n Toms activates Downtown

Korean café heads south from LA, fails to wow

Tom n Tom’s Coffee enjoys minor popularity in LA, where Korean communities opened the door to the originally Korean-owned chain of coffee shops. Now, it’s open in San Diego, in the East Village and at ...

Bay Ho's Bitter Brothers

Siblings shoot for early November launch of area’s first brewery

In addition to my work as a journalist covering the San Diego brewing scene, I proudly act as an ambassador for the region. There are few things as rewarding as exposing people to this county’s ...

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