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This again?

Dying is such a brutal grind

Edge of Tomorrow sports a fine premise for these entertaining times: what if you woke up inside a video game? Specifically, what if you had to go through the brutal grind of dying over and ...

Deliciously Bad

The Truth about Tara Re: Sporting Box, “Amazing and Super Stupendous,” May 29. Tara the Hero Cat? Perhaps. As the video is edited, there is no doubt that the dog went after the child. But ...

Kids to stand up for dead dad?

Prosecutor says he'll call young witnesses to testify against Julie Harper

During a brief hearing in court today, June 3, prosecutor Keith Watanabe complained to the judge, again, “We haven’t gotten the murder weapon yet.” Julie Elizabeth Harper, now 41, is accused of shooting her husband ...

Free High School Film Festival Sunday morning at the Ken

The San Diego High School of International Studies Film Festival offers its students the chance to see their work projected on a big screen, and you’re invited to take part in the excitement. The fifth ...

Musical Merit is money

The 69th annual Musical Merit Foundation awards $90,000.

The lucrative Musical Merit Foundation of Greater San Diego held its 68th annual awards program on Sunday, June 1. The competition includes both instrumental and vocal disciplines. The preceding Thursday was the preliminary round, out ...

South Bay politiscape on election day

Rindone’s rich, Bensoussan gets big-boy help, McCann cries foul

Chula Vista’s election primary has been low-key. Most candidates have compiled modest campaign contributions and campaign mailers have been, for the most part, innocuous. One factor in the minor-key campaigning is that a candidate can ...

Backpacker fave lost in translation

But the macarons do it every time.

Making a sandwich from three ingredients takes a lot of brass. But mostly it takes three pretty terrific ingredients, and clearly one of them is going to be bread. So what do you get when ...

Lobbyists bungle in the jungle

Hunter aide gets down with party animals in posh tropical junket

Victoria Middleton, chief of staff to San Diego Republican congressman Duncan Hunter and a longtime member of the capitol's junketing class, appears partial to jungles. Back in 2011, she jetted off to Africa on an ...

Disorder in the court

Case-management system described as “fiasco” to be replaced

San Diego Superior Court will soon begin another costly changeover to its computerized case-management system. A deal was inked on Friday, May 30, to pay $6.8 million to Tyler Technologies to implement a new program, ...

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