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3000+ cars, more than nine DUIs

Another night in P.B.

Authorities staging a DUI checkpoint in Mission Bay beginning Saturday night and running into Sunday morning were more successful than the June 6 screening in Oceanside, with a total of ten intoxicated individuals arrested in ...

Celebrate 50 years of A Hard Day's Night at Reading Cinemas

Every reason on earth to be glad!

Has it really been 50 years since I strong-armed my mother into taking me to the Varsity Theatre in Evanston, IL, for a Saturday afternoon matinee of A Hard Day’s Night? The place was packed ...

Southern comfort in East Village

Everything the doctor wouldn’t want you to order

For the same reason we keep returning to New Orleans, David insisted we try out ACME Southern Kitchen when he realized (upon researching the menu after driving past the joint on his way home) that ...

Mayor Faulconer said it was okay

City Attorney Goldsmith goes to court tomorrow

The question of who gave city attorney Jan Goldsmith authority to hire outside legal counsel on the city's dime without council approval is answered, says the city attorney's office. Assistant city attorney Dan Bamberg says ...

Political mansion’s historic tale of woe

Ex-owner of Fort Lauderdale's China White nightclub seeks Point Loma manse delisting.

The sprawling former estate of a fallen San Diego savings and loan kingpin may soon lose its historic designation in a city council action sought by John Cahalin, ex-proprietor of a once-infamous Fort Lauderdale nightclub ...

Nerd deflector

San Diego low in tech rating

NerdWallet, which puts together statistics on metro areas, in a study today (July 7) ranks San Diego 20th in a list of cities that are best for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) graduates. Twentieth? ...

SD Fringe: Red Shoes Revamped and other works and Long Way to Midnight

Red Shoes Revamped and other works Though I used to do a mean James Brown (“Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag”) and a so-so “Electric Slide,” I’m no expert on dance. I can appreciate the ...

SD Fringe: Fire in the Meth Lab and Ray’s Last Case

One-off spellbinder from Jon Bennett and a shallow look at Mr. CHON-dluh from Scripps

Fire in the Meth Lab A Fringe frustration: when a group from France cancelled their appearance, the Lyceum Theatre had an open slot. For one hour only, on Saturday Jon Bennett performed a work-in-progress, knocked ...

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