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Cardiff’s Beach House Restaurant closed

Employees had no clue…neither did valet service or linens provider

Last Monday, February 3, employees arriving at the Beach House Restaurant in Cardiff were surprised to learn they no longer had a job. Servers Justin and Dylan arrived at 10:00 a.m. to find the owners ...

All Things BBQ: BBQ 81

The lowdown on North Park's only barbecue restaurant, and just what are baby back ribs, anyway?

When the short-lived branch of the Barbecue Pit on University Avenue closed, North Park remained without ‘cue for a good while, until BBQ 81 opened up with the promise of ribs and tri-tip on El ...

Filner accuser McCormack Jackson to get $250K

Lawyer Gloria Allred likely to get 30% to 50% of that

The San Diego City Council today (February 10) agreed to pay Irene McCormack Jackson, former publicist for ex-mayor Bob Filner, $250,000 for sexual harassment she allegedly endured from the mayor. In cases such as this, ...

Inside Veterans Village cold-weather shelter

Some call it "the Nut Hut"

The Veterans Village of San Diego cold-weather shelter, located at 2801 1/2 Sports Arena Boulevard, is designed to be a refuge for veterans who are on the street and need a bed for a while ...

On eve of election, Alvarez campaign seeks to distance itself from Cheech & Chong endorsement

THINKING ABOUT MAYBE VOTING UNDER THE INFLUENCE, BARRIO LOGAN — Mayoral candidate David Alvarez's campaign manager today issued a semi-formal quasi-disavowal of a pro-Alvarez endorsement from the famed Latino comedy duo of Cheech Marin and ...

Cabrillo Chamber Orchestra

The Cabrillo Chamber Orchestra is presenting the "An American Experience" concert next weekend. This showcase of American composers will begin at 8 pm on February the 15th at Crill Hall on the Point Loma Nazarene ...

On eve of election, Faulconer campaign distances itself from problematic ad

GIRDING MY LOINS FOR THE COMING TRIBULATION, GOLDEN HALL — Mayoral candidate Kevin Faulconer's campaign manager today issued a semi-formal quasi-disavowal of a pro-Faulconer ad placed in local shopping circulars by the Sons of Free ...

Arm candy

Purses worn in San Diego

“You're never too fat for a new purse.” ― Nia Vardalos I gained a couple of pounds over the holiday season. As a result of my refusal to go up a dress size, I have ...

Brass moves Marine Corps Times to back of the store

Newspaper banished from checkout stands at base exchanges after investigation of commandant

The venerable Marine Corps Times, for years a source of independent news both bad and good about the U.S. Marine Corps, is being evicted from its familiar newsstand at checkout stations and moved to the ...

"Hispanic 100" backs Faulconer

Same Tea Party–backed group bashed Romney in 2012

A political action committee going by the name "Hispanic 100" has taken to the airwaves in an effort to attract voters to their cause. Only, the candidate they support isn't the one with Hispanic heritage. ...

Coming Soon: The Bellows

A new artisanal venture from the creator of Churchill’s Pub

When it comes to craft beer bars and restaurants, it’s important to the success of such a venture (at least in San Diego, where there’s such a high level of competition) to have an owner ...

Defective U-T editorial cartoon could help Alvarez

Did no one notice the logical fallacy?

"Hitler was a vegetarian. Therefore, vegetarians are bad people." "Sammy is a con artist. Sammy wears black socks. Therefore, all people who wear black socks are con artists." "You have friends who are not physically ...

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