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San Diego officials shut down ballot measure to give public more access

San Diego Union-Tribune gets info pretty darn quick

The claim that an elected city attorney’s discussions of city business with reporters were off limits to other reporters didn’t sit well with those at NBC.

Howler's spirit of ragged imperfection

Howler is a good-time rock-and-roll quartet from Minneapolis, nothing more, nothing less. Just good ol’ garage-rock cast in the mold of Social D, only nicer, but not as nice as, say, Maroon 5. Not so ...

Lowriders at Chicano Park Day

Born into the Klique

The old-school sirens were blaring as I drove through the cement pillars holding up the Coronado bridge on April 19. I pulled out my camera gear, and one of the members of the Klique car ...

Now You Know: Meidai

“My new album will make you laugh, cry, want to get up and party, and also make you think,” says Michael May, aka Meidai, a hip-hop MC who launched his label Off Da Wall MusiQ ...

Lighting by Cundey

A talk with distinguished cinematographer Dean Cundey

With Dean Cundey comes a 24-carat-history of cinema. Forty years of irreproachable artistry and over eighty credits under his belt have earned the prolific cinematographer a place in the pantheon of contemporary shooters. He followed ...

Voicemails, emails, and snail mail

Blowing It Maybe it’s not a good idea to tell people where bomb ranges are (City Lights, “Pearls, Petroglyphs, and Desert Shipwrecks,” April 17). People have been known to go out and collect pieces for ...

Ken Cinema remains a Landmark in every sense

Landmark Cinemas and the Berkun Family Trust have reached an agreement. Our town’s last remaining single-screen theatre is and will remain a Landmark. The following letter just arrived from Mr. Ted Mundorff, CEO Landmark Theatres: ...

The classic, current Drake Bell

Jumble the letters of Drake Bell’s name and you can spell “rockabilly”

Former TV star (Drake & Josh, filmed in San Diego)–turned–plunking tunester Drake Bell has a new persona ready to spit-shine: rockabilly boogie! He took some questions from the Reader over email. What are your memories ...

Rico suave pork torta

Between Mexican Fiesta and Stone, Ed is in danger.

"Things have been pretty horrible in the Congo for decades. So, their coffee is in this beer.”

Evil is impossible for Him

Evil is impossible for Him because He has what deters Him from it; knowledge of evil; and He has no motive for the motive would be either the need (or the wisdom) of evil, both ...

Punk singing — good training for porn

“A lot of times, I get, ‘You look really familiar,’ and usually the recognition comes from a guy who’s really close to his wife,” says La Mesa–based porn actor Dick Chibbles. “I don’t know if ...

Murder in Mexico

Drug-related homicides have been up sharply in Tijuana, but there’s a political shoot-out over just how much, according to a new report by the University of San Diego’s Justice in Mexico project. Though drug-gang conflict ...

Bloody marys and Roman showers for Ma’s day

“You’ve got to help me,” my brother William said sotto voce while glancing at his wife Beth across the room. “Mother’s Day is coming, and I’ve got nothing.” Little brother looked terrified. He’s a lousy ...

The Roof arrives

Just as the success of the Moonshine Flats country bar downtown seems to signal a turnaround in the live-music scene, word is that the Gaslamp will get another live venue in late May or June. ...

Flannel fashion history need not be

Dear Hipster, I look good in flannels. I like them a lot, too. Does the whole world see me as a hipster wannabe for the rest of my days simply because I like the “dad’s ...

Layers of history in Bow Willow

Visit a historic line shack made of rock on the vigorous Bow Willow-Rockhouse Canyon desert loop hike.

Part giraffe, part zebra, part woot-woot!

...and Creeps and Schitzos on tap at this week's Reader on Tap

Thursday 24Local electro-pop tribal-dance duo Okapi Sun will play a CD-release for their full-length debut, Techno Prisoners (sounds like take no prisoners) at Casbah. Dallas and Leo have been banging out hook-filled dance tracks since ...

Dance on a minefield

The Old Globe serves Water by the Spoonful.

He’s so addicted to alienation, he wouldn’t march in his “own parade.”

Don’t be a Dragula

Hipster vampires.

Only Lovers Left Alive is less a movie than an extended, deadpan, highly stylized rant from director Jim Jarmusch. Adam (Tom Hiddleston) is a vampire. Adam listens to vinyl, collects vintage electric guitars, and makes ...

Ginn’s discomfort

Time to take a compliment, Samantha Ginn.

After meeting Samantha Ginn twice, I’m left with the impression that at the end of a long day, when the rest of us drink beer, snap at our children, or numb our brains on reruns ...

Your only recourse is to gift ironically

Gift ideas for rich friends.

Dear Hipster, I’ve been invited to a cookout where most everyone has an Ivy League pedigree and buttloads of money. I don’t have either. I need a host gift they won’t just throw out later. ...

On the bluff tops of Olde Del Mar

Almost $7M will buy you a pizza oven by the pool (and more!)

Current Owner: Gary & Carol Arnold Listing Price: $6,795,000 Beds: 4 Baths: 4 “This entire home from the front curb to the rear fence was completely renovated” since it last sold in 1999, boast the ...

Birthday boil

A little advice would have saved Barb’s sister’s lunch.

The first thing we asked for was a round of waters. “None for me, thanks,” Jenny said to our shock, opting instead for a diet soda. “You really should drink some water,” we insisted.

Life in the rich and political lane

Democratic Assembly speaker–elect Toni Atkins hasn’t wasted time cashing in her newly won influence for campaign dollars to support the party’s roster of San Diego City Council candidates. Democrats are throwing a $125-a-head (up to ...

Love Is

A box of voices, a butt, a nose, a touch, a song, a torso’s twist; love is her sticking with me though I hurt her, what remains after burning through the lies and tentativeness and ...

Millions for football in San Diego, zilch for opera

“The Olympic games are awash in fiscal myths”

San Diego is the nation's symbol of pedestrian pursuits (subsidies to Chargers, Olympics) trumping the high arts.

Springfield still the heartthrob

“Jorge, it’s Rick. Do you want to play with us?? Let me know ASAP. Maybe we can do a rehearsal.” When drummer Jorge Palacios saw that message from Rick Springfield in his email inbox, the ...

SEAL suits

War may be bloody hell, but life as a La Jolla venture capitalist isn’t a bed of roses either, according to an email making the rounds of local Harvard Club members. The group is offering ...

Starting a brewery is mostly not about beer

Post Title: The Romanticism of the Brewing Industry Post Date: March 26, 2014 It’s easy to dream about working in a brewery, especially when you are working on a computer all day. The thought of ...

The eternal muse meets the difficult monkey

...and a surefire litmus test for bands you've never heard of

Sunday 27Tower Bar’s got a BBQ matinee starting at 4p, with Seattle-based “love punk” four-piece Damage Done and our own Beside Myself and Caskitt...after that, go home and change your sauce-stained shirt (slob), and head ...

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