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International Space Station flying over San Diego tonight

Oh, at about 17,500 miles per hour

The International Space Station will overfly San Diego this evening, October 8, at 6:59 p.m. The station will appear as bright as Venus. It is approximately 220 miles above the Earth and traveling at 17,500 ...

Filipino street food at Kalye Hits

National City restaurant somehow fits karaoke and skewered pig's blood under one roof.

The Philippines is known for wild street foods. Balut (usually much younger and soupier than the Vietnamese fashion) is probably the most famous, but the list includes all manner of intense little skewered and barbecued ...

Wait Until Dark at New Village Arts

I know people who’ve vowed never to see the 1967 movie again. Even though they know what’s coming: just when you think it’s safe at 27B Grogan Street, Greenwich Village, Alan Arkin’s full profile dives ...

New San Diego Central Library hosts first board meeting

Three new branch libraries in the works

A few days after its opening, the San Diego Central Library’s board of commissioners met on the ninth floor of the new building on October 2. The monthly meeting, always open to the public, was ...

Drink beer and go to hell

What they wore at La Mesa Oktoberfest

The first sight I saw upon my arrival at La Mesa’s annual Oktoberfest was this guy, holding a bullhorn asking people if they wanted to go to Heaven or Hell. Talk about a buzz kill. ...

Attorneys Gonzalez and Briggs reap big settlement from City of San Diego

Duo sued to prevent dredging in Tijuana River Valley

The lawyers who launched the demise of mayor Bob Filner used Filner's final days in office to wrangle over the legal fees the city owed them for a lawsuit that blocked the dredging of the ...

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