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It wasn't her dad that got Cailin Russo a gig to costar with Justin Bieber in his new video for “All That Matters.”

Russo was born a couple years after her singer/guitarist dad Scott Russo founded Unwritten Law in 1991. That band went on to record for the Epic and Interscope labels and, along with blink-182, Sprung Monkey, and Buck-O-Nine, spearheaded San Diego's pop-punk explosion of the early '90s.

Russo, 19, says she recalls going backstage at Unwritten Law shows as a toddler. She says her dad has been supportive as she pursues modeling, acting, dancing, and music, but that it was her own industry contacts that she's established in three years modeling for American Apparel, PacSun, and other clothing lines that led to her booming modeling career and appearances in music videos.

Last week, Russo said that the “All That Matters” video was supposed to be released around Thanksgiving. She said that she could not disclose what she and Bieber actually do in the video other than to say it was shot in L.A. E! News aired a segment on the Bieber/Russo collaboration that ran November 20.

The 2012 Westview High grad says she plans to move from Rancho Peñasquitos to L.A. early next year.

Russo says that Bieber and his label chose her for this video, but that smaller parts in previous music videos certainly helped her get noticed.

Chrisitaan Almaaz of San Diego-based No Ties Management represents Russo as a model. He says a separate L.A.-based company, the Osbrinck Agency, has just signed on to represent her acting pursuits.

“She was first discovered three years ago at an ASR [Action Sports Retail] trade show at the San Diego Convention Center,” says Almaaz, who says she has been busy ever since. She recently worked in New York and Sweden. Her image has appeared nationally on billboards, print ads, and online spreads.

Russo's vocals appear on “Say You Want Me,” a song on an EP just released by local pop band Super Groupie.

“We've been friends since high school,” says Super Groupie singer/guitarist Austin Steele. “I'm sure she will become huge as a singer. She's got a great voice. She's already made it as a model.”

Steele says he and his band owe her a lot. “She sort of discovered us. She gave our demo to her dad who sort of took us under his wing. We recorded some stuff with him in his studio that hasn't been released yet."

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