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Birding Basics at Mission Trails Regional Park

Crows ’n’ Ravens 101

Winona Sollock, a Mission Trails Regional Park trail guide and resident birder, used to collect parrots and moved with 65 birds in 1988 to "the last house on a hill" east of Temecula. Sollock bred ...

Dog House Diner told to scram from Encinitas Home Depot

Food-trailer owner theorizes as to why

Shoppers arriving at the Encinitas Home Depot over Memorial Day weekend were disappointed to see the Dog House Diner was gone. The popular 1950s-style food stand sat at the entrance to the store for over ...

New lifeguard statue vandalized in Ocean Beach

Call him “O.B. Barney”?

The San Diego lifeguard statue in Ocean Beach, dedicated in a ceremony last week (May 23), has been vandalized. Last night, May 30, someone painted portions of the statue in three different colors. In a ...

Beer of the Week: Saint Archer Blonde Ale

Beery beast belongs outside shadow cast by Sculpin and Victory At Sea.

A beautiful Ugly Things weekender

Three days of long nights, and the perpetrator is a fellow ex-pat named Mike Stax. The 30-year anniversary of Stax’s magazine, Ugly Things, was celebrated by players past and present. Santa Ana’s the Neumans kicked ...

The Mad Greek

Fear and gyros: illusory roadside attraction in the Mojave.

What am I doing out here in the middle of the desert? The lights of Las Vegas are a distant memory, faded away into the early morning, and now about a hundred miles into the ...

Deerhunter's Monomania

“Finding the fluorescence in the junk” is the first line Bradford Cox sings on opening track “Neon Junkyard.” It stands as a descriptor of Deerhunter’s Monomania. The fuzz-rock band from Atlanta is back. After all, ...