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Nuff Said

Regarding “We Spend Every Dime on Our Costumes." Best cover ever!

Thomas Coyne
via email

Sound the Alarm

The Don Bauder article on Michael Clifford and for-profit colleges is not enough (City Lights: “For-Profit College Tried to Recruit Homeless").

The Reader accepts ads from vocational colleges and other so-called universities such as National University, Coleman University, etcetera, that have been under investigation off and on for years. These and other institutions are accepted by the IRS as nonprofit. This usually masks devious practices by sole proprietors and others who reap millions from milking the G.I .Bill, other veterans, and military programs. You also seem unaware of the shady recruitment practices, false promises, and line ads from many of these institutions.

Over 20 years ago, state senator Rebecca Morgan authored S-1, which became law and was supposed to crack down on the phony independent colleges and so-called universities in California. The lobbyists for these institutions watered down their law with exceptions because the State of California was as crooked then as it is now. U.S. Senator Sam Nunn of Georgia conducted a federal investigation as well. But the phony so-called educators and their lobbyists are still clouding up these issues.

The Reader, as well as the entire California print and broadcast media, sit by and do nothing. Sound the alarm against this scam!

Name Withheld
via voicemail

Homeless Rights

Some of your articles in the May 9 issue deserve criticism, especially “Cops and Homeless” (Neighborhood News), a media-drivel variety story about the very out-of-touch and despised Homeless Outreach Team of the San Diego Police. The article is a piece of trash worthy of the Union-Tribune, but not of the Reader.

Homeless and poor people have been trying for years to make H.O.T. a part of Fire and Rescue, not the Police Department, because so many have been kicked in the head, beaten up, and mistreated by the police — not only in San Diego, but in whatever city they have lived. Homelessness is something to be rescued from, not prosecuted for.

Even more ridiculous, “Bustle in the Hedgerow” (Neighborhood News) seems to ignore the fact that the United States Federal District Court held trial and investigations over three years, concluding that the City of San Diego is 100% at fault for all of its homeless problems, and thus ordered that all duly registered homeless have a legal right to occupy and sleep on any and all City property from 9pm to 5:30am daily, seven days a week, without any interference. Failure to abide by this federal court order can subject you, or even a police officer, to imprisonment for contempt of court. So, commenter Mercy Baron, who also wrote the first ridiculous article, shall we move five or ten thousand homeless to Ocean Beach?

On the brighter side, Don Bauder pens an exceptionally good and truthful article about the Bridgepoint University Scam (City Lights: “For-Profit College Tried to Recruit Homeless ”). Well done!

Dr. John Kitchin, NZ9F
Publisher, San Diego Homeless News

Kafe Hitler

Georgia-born Mark Likgalter, owner of Kafe Sobaka, has been a San Diego restaurateur since the early 1980s, but this tale (Tin Fork, “I Go Socialist”) missed the most bizarre part of the story.

Apparently, Mark Likgalter now goes by the notorious last name of Djugashvili (at least for the purpose of this restaurant review). Did anyone else happen to notice that Josif Djugashvili was Stalin’s birth name? (He later changed his name to Stalin because it means “Man of Steel.” )

How different is this from opening a German restaurant and changing your last name to Hitler?

Sue Garson
via email

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RestoreChildrensPool July 30, 2013 @ 12:37 a.m.

The Mayor's bad behavior continues as he watches his 'silkie-cam' he had installed at the Children's Bathing Pool and Playground. This camera continues its goal to have this ocean pool closed to human swimmers for whom it was especially engineered and constructed. This high tech infra red powerful camera can see the pours in your skin from afar and has followed me and other women into the shower area, watched us undress and follows teens and youngsters in their bikinis back and forth across the beach. This camera, that we understand is live feed into the private offices of the mayor is nothing more than a peep show once again using the seals for anything but education. This husband and wife calling themselves a 'conservancy'. The Mayor is going to pay a few hundred grand of your tax dollars to operate this peep show, a private camera operated remotely from private homes.?No safeguards from abuse, no one knows who is behind the control. Its Filner's Pet project though. Someone should tell him that seals really do not turn into women, those are real women not silkies Mayor!!! This has been a pedifile and peeping Tom situation since it went in and still is right now. I have several screen shots from their seal cam, of anything but seals.
There should not be a camera in a kids pool, or seal fecal bacteria for that matter, the whole thing is creepy. This private organization via Filner is using the police and ranger as pawns. A man yesterday was balled out for raking a bit of seaweed away from his chair. License plate numbers and people's names are being noted and filmed. Swimmers are being targeted for citations for swimming and intimidated by people making large sums of money off of the backs of seals being allowed to wallow in their owne waste causing illness and death for the pups and now this surveillance abuse.

Please watch this video to understand and thank you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkHo0t...

And please support our wounded warriors and disabled by supporting the Restoration of the Children's Pool and the Ramp to the high water mark for Wheelchair swimmers to have a ramp to go along with the ADA shower. A cruel joke for a paraplegic, give him a shower but no means to get to the water to need it!!! Support Jack Robertson's efforts in Federal court to restore access to this only ocean entry for the disabled on the CA coastline. Please support our 16,000 newly disabled American VETS and support giving them a restored therapy pool at the Children's Ocean pool protected by the only breakwater in CA. Please stop the condemnation of the breakwater and the pool.
R.A.M.P. Restore Access To Many People [email protected]


alweiss Aug. 7, 2013 @ 2:18 p.m.

Am I the only one who not only does not find the new library building attractive but actually finds it disturbing? Whenever I see a picture of it I can not help but visualize the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Dome, a ruin that stands right at the hypocenter of the atomic bomb explosion over that city on August 6, 1945, sixty-eight years ago yesterday. Oh well, maybe there is a moral about our city in that representation.




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