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SOHO seeks volunteer craftsmen for Adobe University

Local preservationist group Saving Our Heritage Organisation has issued a call for participants in a renewal of its Adobe University program to train modern amateur craftsmen in the art of adobe construction. According to a ...

Campus Style at San Diego Mesa College

Stripes, stripes, and more stripes

Stripes have always been in. Your grandmother once rocked stripes and probably still does. They are as much of a wardrobe staple as a crisp white button-down. Whether they are subtle, chunky, thick, pin,zig-zag, horizontal ...

San Diegans who refuse to modernize

Deep-blue collar

The Printer “My buddy in San Francisco got his finger smashed in an old printing press. It actually turned the bone to powder. He had no phone in his warehouse to call for help, so ...

Chula Vista exhibit documents WWII Japanese internment

Prewar, they established “Celery Capital of the World”

A cot, a hand-hewn chest of drawers, and tight quarters for six men — this is the display that dominates the visual and conceptual space of the current exhibit in the Chula Vista Heritage Museum. ...

Maizbaan cooks up one hot stew

Maizbaan’s Pakistani cuisine is so good, Ed returns days later for another meal.

Margarita mixer matchup

Taste-rating away the margarita mixes

‘If life gives you limes, make margaritas,” I sang, channeling my best Jimmy Buffett. “If life gives you hordes of guests, buy margarita mixes,” responded my man Patrick. We were in the midst of planning ...

Booming bivalves at the Brig

Depending on who you believe, the origins of the Baja-style fish taco will take you two places. Fans of entrepreneurial success stories will favor the narrative popularized by San Diego restaurant mogul Ralph Rubio, who ...

Ilan Rubin: exhibitionist

Nine Inch Nails drummer Ilan Rubin talks about his band Regime’s EPs.

Kona Kai relaunch

Former Humphrey’s talent-buyer Shawna Aguirre hopes to revitalize Kona Kai as the hotel’s entertainment director.

Super Water Sympathy

A busy year ahead for Super Water Sympathy: the band is hitting the road in support of their second full-length, Hydrogen Child, and then picking up a couple months of Warped Tour road work that ...

Piranesi’s hoard of haunted spaces

The Arts of Piranesi, on view at the San Diego Museum of Art until July 7. 1450 El Prado, Balboa Park, 619-232-7931; You can’t always get what you want, and you can’t always determine ...

Heavy-hitters from the peace-and-love generation

Like pioneers

Slightly Stoopid enlists Bob Weir, a couple Neville Brothers, Tommy Chong, and Karl Denson for their new live CD/DVD, Slightly Stoopid & Friends: Live at Roberto’s TRI Studios.

Dammit, Jim

Boldly going nostalgic

Star Trek into Darkness is a showcase for director J.J. Abrams at his most J.J. Abrams-y. Do you identify Abrams by his fondness for lens flares? You will not be disappointed. Lens Flare spends enough ...

Squirrelik the Red

Dad thought I was kidding when I warned him that I wouldn’t be able to restrain myself if he lured that squirrel any closer. “David says I have a Snow White complex, but he doesn’t ...

Bubble butt history

Heymatt: Okay, I’m sure there are more pressing questions out there but, what causes bubble butt? For some people, it’s like their body weight accumulates disproportionately around the hips and booty, even if they don’t ...

Ugly at 30

Mike Stax of the Loons to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his publication Ugly Things at the Casbah over Memorial Day weekend.

Unforgettable: Floating Target, part 1

The edge of a minefield is no place to procrastinate.

A recounting of the WII experiences of YP-346, a San Diego tuna boat known as the the Prospect before it was conscripted into the South Pacific war effort.

Homeland security blanket

Whether or not it makes the citizenry feel more secure or not, the City of San Diego is looking for a few good Homeland Security Coordinators, according to an online job notice. The new hires ...

Ugly, yellow, truncated domes for the disabled

Dear Matt: Please help my poor husband solve his ongoing perplexity. When there are perfectly good and relatively new wheelchair ramps on each corner of an intersection, why do we see crews tearing them out ...

Music critic snobbery

Local tribute Rushed is a band in demand now that Rush is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

SDSU's criminal state

The good news out at San Diego State University is that through March of this year there has been only one rape, compared to last year’s five during the same period. Robberies were also down, ...

Stonewall Peak Loop

Beware of Stonewall Peak's poodle-dog bush

Follow this switchback trail to granitic 5730-foot-high Stonewall Peak for views of Cuyamaca Reservoir and the nearby peaks of Cuyamaca, Middle, and North.

Owl Serenade

A blogger who’s learned lessons from owls and people who have behaved like owls.

Eternal flame of freebies

Maybe it was because they were still recovering from New Year’s Eve, but state legislators seemed to go easier on the receipt of corporate freebies during the first three months of this year. That’s not ...

Ben Hueso's taxi cab conflict

Before he became a congressman, Ben Hueso threw his taxi-business-owning brother a bone.

Letters to the Editor

Nuff Said Regarding “We Spend Every Dime on Our Costumes." Best cover ever! Thomas Coynevia email Sound the Alarm The Don Bauder article on Michael Clifford and for-profit colleges is not enough (City Lights: “For-Profit ...

The Great Wall of China

for Sue After a day of paving, we sit on our new patio to appreciate our results. For five minutes we enjoy our silence, but then you ask me, “What are you thinking?” I say, ...