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Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Regarding City Lights: “Men are Lousy Lovers,” April 11.

So, if a man can’t achieve sexual satisfaction with his female partner, it’s his fault. And if a woman can’t achieve sexual satisfaction with her male partner, it’s still his fault?

Tamara Kayali’s sexist attitude towards men is a perfect example of why most people consider the current modern feminist movement a joke, and why it has less and less significance than ever to today’s young generation of both sexes. This is yet another example of this movement’s demand for equal rights but less responsibility.

So, let me get this straight. Ms. Kayali didn’t think to utter one word of protest as the multibillion-dollar Viagra industry sprang up, with thousands of products demanding men to be responsible for their own sexual satisfaction. But now there is talk of one product expecting women to do the same — and that’s unfair? I guess what’s good for the gander ain’t good for the goose!

Just as a man has part of the responsibility for his female partner’s satisfaction, so too does a woman share part of the responsibility for her male partner’s satisfaction. Or would that be too equal, Ms. Kayali?

If you don’t think the woman’s part is just as important as the man’s, think about this: Would your typical 50-year-old man who needs Viagra to get it up with his wife of 25 years (who has let herself go and nags at him) still need Viagra if a sweet, supportive Scarlett Johansson look-alike walked into the bedroom in a négligée?

To paraphrase Ms. Kayali: It may be kind of scientists to attempt to develop a drug that enables men to gain more pleasure from sex, but it would be even kinder to men to look into a drug that made women better at it.”

Ken Mayer, Kensington

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Mtnjim May 2, 2013 @ 2:09 p.m.

Mr Spaulding; Sorry, it has nothing to do with AB32. In fact in the 1970's, decades before AB32, it was well known that "SDG&E" stood tor "So Damn Greedy & Expensive". This was because even in those days San Diego had one of if not the highest utility costs in the country.

You may be shilling against regulation and "green"energy, but this is the direction the entire world, except for some Luddites, is going. And once again other countries are well ahead of the US. Another thing in which USA is not #1.


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