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Writer feels sorry for Lake Murray bunny

How hard is it to get rid of a rabbit?

Author Dave Good writes about the rabbit he found (and now owns) and the San Diego bunny scene.

Aldine Drive’s stop signs create bad traffic in Talmadge

They’re meant to discourage commuters

On Monday morning, March 18, hundreds — if not thousands — of Talmadge and City Heights commuters found themselves trapped in long lines of traffic trying to access Aldine Drive through Talmadge. With horns honking ...

Impossible Germany

Lore: History by the losers

Lore is a loser’s history of World War II, a less fantastical, more moving post-apocalyptic wasteland film out of Australia than the one that starred Mel Gibson back in 1979. Less fantastical because it’s set ...

And so it goes.

This book is not a homophobic diatribe!

A writer for Out blog is amazed that readers misinterpreted the literary device she used in her book

The siren call of Café Bleu

Whew. Just hiked up West Washington from the Washington Street trolley. Quite a climb. Crazy traffic. No sidewalk. Then I spot this beautiful li’l French bistro. I know I shouldn’t go in. Too sophisticated, too ...

Hindsight offers name-your-price CDs

New Hindsight Recording Studios records 18 local bands for free in order to get exposure for everybody.

A visit to Backpack Ridge in the Jamul Mountains

Ground zero for discarding excess gear

No doubt I’m trespassing. An hour ago, I stretched a length of barbed wire, passing under a fence line and into this realm of green hills and rocky outcrops. Boats twinkle below on lower Otay ...

Hoffer's Cigar Bar

Hoffer’s Cigar Bar in La Mesa is easy to miss, but that’s what locals like about it.

Heavy silence

"Why do you think it’s always boys and never girls who go on these mass-shooting rampages?” I asked David, mostly rhetorically, because I already had my answer. “I think I know why; shooters are mostly ...

Horse sense

Stone Horse’s Dr. Rock and Roll spares a minute

‘In December, we changed the name to Stone Horse.” I tell Danielle Spade the new name rings of Linda Ronstadt. She giggles: “Yeah. Stone Ponys. But my sister said our other name was too long. ...

Jeff Mangum

In their short lifetime as a band, Neutral Milk Hotel could have been described as late bloomers. It took them almost a decade to become overnight successes, and even then, the love was delayed. In ...

Veejay dreams

Ever since watching MTV’s Total Request Live (TRL) in high school, Rachel Frank has known she’s wanted to be a veejay. “I just loved watching [TRL] when I came home from school,” she says. “Everyone ...

This week in the San Diego clubs, March 21–27

Thursday 21Christopher Owens’s backstory reads like about a billion dollars’ worth of psychotherapy, unless you got the guy’s pop chops and ability to turn such straw into gold; e.g. (and way beside the point, I ...

The Old Globe presents A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder

You see a great number in a musical and stop the show with rabid applause. But how many times have you really wanted the show to stop — and have them repeat the number on ...

Tuna boats go to war

Tuna fishermen in San Diego were recruited along with their boats to function as supply vessels and mine-sweepers.

March madness edition

Everybody loves Cinderella, especially Liberty University

Time for our annual NCAA Tournament preview, wherein the Box picks the most improbable team to receive an invitation and gives you, oh Sporting Box regulars, an inside line. This year’s honoree is Liberty University ...

Natasha Kozaily dreamt beyond the horizon

On May 14, Natasha Kozaily will release her second CD, Serenading Renegades. She intends dual release parties, both in San Diego and back home on Cayman Island. The Caymanian has lived here since 2010, lured ...

Car wash gone mobile

San Diego's best mobile auto-detailing companies

‘Shaggy and Scooby must be jealous,” Patrick said when Bernice pulled her bright yellow Dodge Sprinter down our driveway. The Sprinter has 12 seats, just like our Chevy Express, but it rides about two feet ...

The opposite of a homonym

Homonyms vs. Homophones vs. Homographs vs. Heterographs vs. Heteronyms

Duggars and taxes

Heymatt: If the Duggars have 20 kids — that’s a lot, by the way — I was wondering what Ma & Pa Duggar claim on their taxes. Is it possible to claim all the kids ...

Of toilets and implosions

How much does it cost for the care and feeding of about 600 local VIPs and various hangers-on invited to watch a power plant being blown to smithereens? In the case of the San Diego ...

Unique animals

Signposts along the way to Tijuana’s realization of itself

Indian mystic Meher Baba defined involution as “the inner path of the human soul to the Self,” in which the ecstatic rapture of realization is the highest and ultimate purpose of the illusory material world. ...

Chabad at La Costa

God in Tijuana on Christmas Day

Chabad La Costa’s rabbi Yeruchem Eilfort trains to desire Godliness.

Monet in Rancho Santa Fe

PREVIOUS RESIDENT: Mohammed Abduljawad LISTING PRICE: $40,000,000 BEDS: 8+ BATHS: 8 ½+ HOUSE SIZE: 31,000 sq ft This week, we visit a property that represents the highest of high end: the most expensive home currently ...

Before the DA's investigation of Sweetwater school district...

Lawyers paid for with school funds

In November 2012, the San Diego Grand Jury began investigating corruption allegations that encompassed three South Bay school districts: Southwestern College, the San Ysidro School District, and the Sweetwater Union High School District. The investigation ...

Foreclosing permit options

Business is booming for La Jolla lobbyist Matt Peterson, whose most well known client is failed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his beachside teardown in the Barber Tract. Homeowner Peter Winn has retained Peterson ...

Bedroom window screen in Oceanside was gone

Tall, thin blonde denies being in the house

Sherri Lynn Difrancesco, caught with meth and syringes, seems also to have been caught with containers of pilfered jewelry.

Metal sidewalk markers

Hi MA, In my neighborhood, the sidewalks have these metal buttons embedded in the sidewalk. They look like an oversized Levi’s jeans rivet, are made of copper or brass, and are stamped with “LS 5456.” ...

Depression, Recycling, and Sexy Papusas

100% Depression I would like to thank the author of the article “100% Commission at Nordstrom,” (March 14 cover story) and also the Reader for publishing it. Last year, my older brother was hired at ...

A passage from Lucretius’s De Rerum Natura

There is no end, No limit to the cosmos, above, below, Around, about, stretching on every side. This I have proven, but the fact itself Cries loud in proclamation, nature’s deep Is luminous with proof. ...

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