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Don't call these kids at University City High vocational students

The days of standing in front of a class to teach are over

Career and technical training used to be called vocational or trade school. San Diego Unified School District has tried to put a new face on the program with much success.

Worth the wait

I doubted the man of the hour (or century, if you consider we were celebrating his 90th birthday) remembered me. I’d met David’s great-uncle, the Hungarian pianist Béla Síki, only once before, nearly a decade ...

Octa#grape gives the garage an long-overdue cleaning

Can we all agree that garage rock has reached an impasse? Don’t get me wrong. I love fuzzed-out guitars, lo-fi drum tracks, and retro vocals as much as the next guy — and San Diego ...

Now you know: Emerald Rats

When Wild Wild Wets frontman Mike Turi released the debut EP Everyday Obstacle from his solo project Emerald Rats last month, he opened a window into a cerebral world of psychedelia. “It’s been exciting to ...

The Hush Sound

Grace Potter in a nightgown: “I don’t want to be the one you forget,” sings Greta Morgan (née Salpeter) in “Medicine Man.” “I don’t wanna be the one you regret.” That’s regret — not forget. ...

East County deserves good beer, too — welcome to Brody's

It’s no secret that San Diego has become world famous for its craft-beer culture over the past few years. Our county is home to several landmark breweries and brew pubs that have garnered praise from ...

Prepare to be assimilated

Before books travel across town to take their places on the new shelves, they will undergo a technology upgrade and take a fantastic journey through tubular space.

A Gallery of Dummberry, a Snail Who Employs Disguises Title: Becky Charms & Co. | Address: | From: Paradise Hills | Blogging since: October 2011

Seeing purple, not so much green

icPurple, the super PAC run by La Jolla computer magnate Ted Waitt that lost its bid to elect so-called independent Nathan Fletcher mayor last year, is still in business, barely. According to its monthly federal ...

Vinyl exposure

Jason “Blackie” Blackmore set to release film titled Records Collecting Dust, mostly interviews with San Diegans talking about their record collections.

Recommendations from a movie junkie with 2600 DVDs

My first recommendation is Disney’s Blu-ray release of the original Tron. I single out the Blu-ray release because it’s a stunning transformation from DVD to BR. The very nature of the film, with its groundbreaking ...

Perfect storm for Stones

The Ultimate Stones gets a slot on AXS TV’s program about tribute bands.

Latham's multiple masters

How much have San Diego taxpayers forked over to the giant law firm of Latham Watkins for legal services delegated to it by GOP city attorney Jan Goldsmith — the man lately in the middle ...


Band Incomplete Neighbor discovers one of their songs in used on the soundtrack of a film titled Craigslist Joe.

Indian Gorge to Palm Bowl

Discover a little-known route to one of Anza-Borrego’s remote palm groves

Oz the Great and Powerful's cheap carnival magic

Yet another prequel

The production notes for Oz the Great and Powerful came with a heads-up: “Please note that this movie stands alone and shouldn’t be compared to any other versions of the Oz films.” I’m fine with ...

Cash for cars

Where ’94 Chevy Suburbans go when they die.

Calories out, calories in

Heymatt: For the last week I’ve been climbing Cowles Mountain every day. It takes me about 1 hour, round trip. At the bottom, I reward myself with an entire box of Girl Scout Thin Mints. ...

Drones as instant replay solution

"I didn’t see this one coming.” That is the subject line found on an email a friend sent me. Said friend teaches journalism at a private college. The link he provided takes me to ...

Per the physicist

Many years ago I happened on Stranger Than Paradise at a college film festival. My first-ever Jim Jarmusch movie and still my favorite. Willie (John Lurie), living in low-rent New York, is compelled by his ...

San Diego Public Market seeks permanence

Vendors at the San Diego Public Market wonder what’s next as the management fields proposals to set up permanent spaces and prepares to become an everyday operation.

The unmaking and making of Roger Hedgecock

Will Hedgecock pivot?

Former disgraced San Diego mayor Roger Hedgecock makes a big slug of money from a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization in Arlington, Virginia, the American Studies Center.

Timekeeping across the ages

Hi Matt: Back when I was a kid, not too many people had wristwatches. This was not a problem, however, as all you had to do was turn on the radio to any station and, ...

Bridge-construction practices and reflective tape on semi-trailers

Mr. Alice: Whenever I encounter bridge construction on the interstate, or most any other highways and roads, fastened onto the temporary supports at both sides of the road is a painted and illuminated, white board ...

Dialing up dollars

Telecommunications giant AT&T spent a total of $32,737 in the last three months of 2012 on what is called “activity expenses,” also known as freebies awarded to public officials to get their time and attention. ...


Big Pharma Joseph O’Brien’s February 21 cover story was important and I appreciated it very much. It was heartening to read that more doctors are refusing to participate in the Big Pharma System and, instead, ...

A Boat Beneath a Sunny Sky

A boat beneath a sunny sky, Lingering onward dreamily In an evening of July — Children three that nestle near, Eager eye and willing ear, Pleased a simple tale to hear — Long has paled ...