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Get a Landline!

Re: “Do You Know How Much Trouble You Can Get in with a Shotgun?” (July 11).

Hopefully Mr. Burleson has learned some valuable lessons from his experience:

  1. Never bring an unloaded weapon into play unless there is a real threat to your life or your family’s lives, and in that case alone, LOAD IT! In California, you can never use deadly force to defend property and you are expected to vacate your own premises, if you can safely do so. No “Castle Doctrine” or “Stand your Ground” in the California (People’s) Republic!
  2. Stay in your house! Going outside with a weapon is inadvisable! A man banging on your door, however loudly, is not a threat to your lives — a home invader with a knife, gun, or other deadly weapon is! If you use deadly force on someone who enters your home uninvited with a weapon, it is more defensible than outside your home, whatever the circumstances!
  3. Never willingly talk to the police without a lawyer, ever! In this case, the cops don’t care if the process server is a jerk; they are there to arrest a “nut with a gun”! Burleson screwed up, and he compounded his problems by cooperating with the police. The cops didn’t respond to save Burleson’s family.
  4. Get a landline! 911 on your cell phone failed you. Your family’s safety is at risk with your sketchy cell service.
  5. Never give permission to the police to enter your home! Period! In this case they will come in without your permission, lawfully, to secure the weapon in question, and to check on the safety of the family, but respectfully decline if they ask to enter. If you give permission, you are asking the police to come and find a reason to arrest you!
  6. With children in the house, once the emergency is over, lock up your unloaded firearm. A loaded, unsecured firearm is a crime in California. (See #5).

Good luck to Mr. Burleson, suing that process server. The situation ended badly but could have been worse for everyone. (Ask Zimmerman!)

Willi Haiber
via email

Sweetwater Rumors

I have been wondering why we haven’t been hearing more from Susan Luzzaro the past two to three weeks.

There was a Sweetwater board meeting last Monday night; there was a community meeting on June 26; there are several other developments going on with this school district having to do with contracts being signed with outside, for-profit educational institutions, and we are hearing rumors.

We need to read the news! We depend upon the Reader for updates, as coverage elsewhere has been so unpredictable and sporadic. Can you please give me a bit of guidance as to what we can expect regarding coverage of Sweetwater Union High School’s multiplicities of issues and problems?

via email

Turning of Stones

Please publish more Susan Luzzaro reporting. Her detailed and consistent coverage of South Bay goings-on leaves no stone unturned. We haven’t seen much in the last few weeks.

Name Withheld
via email

Desperately Seeking Susan

Where is Ms. Luzzaro’s coverage on SUHSD? Is she on vacation? We need her down here!

via email

Coming Soon?

I really enjoy the reporting of Susan Luzzaro and have not seen anything by her lately, especially her reporting on issues in the South Bay. Can we expect to see her columns again soon?

via email

On Vacation?

I was wondering if Susan Luzzaro — the lady that does all the South Bay articles on the school district and what goes on with the state — is on vacation. I was talking to my neighbors about it, and I’ve gone to a board meeting and didn’t see her there. Yesterday people went to the 975 hearing down at the courthouse, and there’s been no articles, so I’m just kind of curious what’s going on.

Frances Brinkman

Vital Help

I would like to thank the Reader for Susan Luzzaro’s coverage of the Sweetwater Union High School District. We have a big problem with our school board. Susan Luzzaro is vital to helping this community in the South Bay. Her coverage is excellent and I appreciate all her efforts.

Name Withheld
via voicemail

Missing Diva

I’m really, really upset that you put Diary of a Diva on an alternating-week program. I really look forward to it every week. She’s the first thing I look for, no matter how interesting the cover article might be. I look forward to her take on life in general because she’s so whimsical. She just has a totally different take and I don’t understand why you put her on a rotation basis. I want to complain vehemently. Please put her back every week!

Because of where I live now, I’m not able to get the Reader every week, so now I’m probably going to miss her entirely. That’s something you should know: people don’t always read the Reader every week. Please put her back because I don’t enjoy the other articles nearly as much as her, I’m sorry to say.

Rondy Erickson
San Ysidro

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