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Brewmaster transition at Manzanita Brewing

Original brewmaster's return to IT paves way for next generation

They say passion is the secret ingredient in any good consumable. While genuine affinity doesn’t guarantee success in the fermentation arts, I have found that brewers without passion are at a severe disadvantage when attempting ...

Stalled thunderstorms over Mt. Laguna

Emergency Alert System provides flash-flood warning

On July 22, the National Weather Serve activated San Diego County’s Emergency Alert System. Monsoonal moisture was causing large thunderstorms, running from Barstow south into Baja. The storm in San Diego was going to be ...

Development coming for vacant land at Gillespie Field

October deadline for contractor proposals

The County of San Diego on July 19 published a request for proposals to develop 31.47 acres of industrial property at Gillespie Field, vacant land located at the northwest corner of Cuyamaca Street and Weld ...

Dharma Travel: retreats of the Northeast

From lighthouse-dotted islands to rustic mountain lodges.

New England was founded by spiritualists escaping feudalistic persecution in Europe. Puritans, Lutherans, Jews, Quakers – even Shakers. It's hardly surprising then that personal retreats of every denomination abound, from cliffs overlooking the Atlantic to ...

Beach Style: OB vs. PB

One of the greatest aspects of San Diego, apart from the stellar weather, is how each of it's neighborhoods has a distinct style. Take OB for instance, it is known as a mecca for free ...