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Police captured a man who reportedly confessed to murdering a TJ techie after he failed to properly hook up the killer and his four-man crew to the red mundial (internet) in Tijuana.

The alleged killer, David Ortiz González (aka "El Chaky Marrano”), a 36-year-old native of El Grullo, Jalisco, admitted to taking part in the death of Luis Fernández Hidalgo, whose body was found in a vacant lot in Playas de Tijuana on June 21.

González was a deportee from the United States and had served prison time there for armed robbery, according to reports. Police found the him after a protracted manhunt.

The victim, Hidalgo, had bragged of his computer prowess while smoking crystal meth with the crew and told the group he knew a lot about computer systems and would hook them up for pirated service for a one-time 50-dollar fee, assuring them that they would never have to pay for internet access.

Hidalgo showed up with some software at a later meeting, attempted to install it, but failed to get it operating, much to the ire of his clients. They reportedly demanded their money back, but Hidalgo hesitated, claiming he needed more time.

Hidalgo reportedly came back to the residence on June 20 to do a system reboot but was knocked down and kicked repeatedly by the five men until he was unconscious. Once he was out cold, González put a plastic bag over the Hidalgo's head until he died.

Later on, the group bound Hidalgo with string, wrapped him in a blanket, and dumped the body at a beachside lot in Playas, driving the body there in Hidalgo’s white Ford Mustang.

González later attempted to spray-paint the Mustang black, thinking the car would not be identified. Investigators found a ball of twine in the trunk of the Mustang that matched the twine used to tie up Hidalgo.

Sources: El Sol de Tijuana and Frontera

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